My experience with Amanda was the most marvelous time.  It is the best day of my life, but she predicts that I have many more best days in store.  It was heavenly.  It started with the makeover, and she showed me some great tips to use in the future for my particular situation.  Some of them I will need to get some further help with, and I plan on going back to her for a makeup lesson sometime in the future.

Then at the photo shoot, she brought out so much feminine spirit and energy in me.  And she helped bring out my best smile.  On her website, she promises 150-200 photos.  She needed two CD’s to give me all of my photos – 474 in all.  When I heard the number, I started to apologize for doing so poorly that she needed to reshoot so many pictures.

She quickly set me straight. She said that I was a natural in posing and my mannerisms are very feminine. She told me that she usually has to work much harder with her trans models to get them in the right poses and positions, often needing to take time to physically position the model.  With me, it just took some directions and a little getting use to what we were doing (and us finding a key phrase that would always bring a big genuine smile to my face) and we were off and running.

The other time saver was that I brought all my own outfits (which she complimented me on), so we didn’t have to take the time to select, try on, see if it worked, etc.  The most she had to do was add some accessories to one of my outfits.

Then to finish the day, I met with a college classmate, his wife, youngest (adult) son, plus a female colleague of my friend who he referred to me as a client some years ago.  I introduced them to Lois on a phone conference a few days earlier and told them about the makeover being near their area.  (Amanda is in Bethlehem, PA and they are in Allentown.) The ladies gave me little gift bags with nail polish and other care products.  We had dinner together and I could tell they couldn’t believe what they were seeing in front of them.

I have had many wonderful reactions to the pictures, as well as from people meeting me in person (whether old friends or strangers) even with my less adept makeup skills.  But I will let you decide for yourselves.

Here is a link to my Flickr page.  There are two more sets that need to be posted but I ran into the monthly upload limit.  For those not familiar with Flickr, you can either view the photos as part of a photostream or in individual sets. I grouped my sets by the outfit I was wearing.  The sets give you access to some comments by me,


Love, Lois

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