Mission Statement:TransgenderLogo

To provide a secure, friendly atmosphere in a social setting for anyone existing outside the binary category of male or female, their allies, and their significant others.

We are a support group dedicated to the support of the entire transgender community. This includes anyone that identifies as TG in anyway. We welcome crossdressers, transsexuals, FtM, MtF, intersex, non binary or anyone else seeking the support and community of their peers. We were, for many years, the New York Metro chapter of TriEss (Chi Delta Mu or CDM). In June, 2009 we decided that the goals of TriEss and our membership were no longer aligned, and so we left TriEss and established our own identity.

We meet the second Saturday of every month, from 7PM to 11PM at a private and very comfortable location in northeast Bergen County, NJ.  We have a large changing area available for those that would like to transform on-site.  The changing room is open at least an hour before the start of the meeting.

Please look around our website for information regarding our group, minutes of our last meeting, some upcoming events of interest to the trans community and the date of our next meeting. The emphasis of our group is on support of our members, and acceptance for who we are. We are all friends, and hope you will join us.

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