YouTuber and activist Jazz Jennings radiates trans joy in new swimsuit photo

A new post by trans reality TV star Jazz Jennings has encouraged people to love themselves and their bodies.

Posting a beautiful, sunshine-filled photo of herself posing in a floral swimsuit sitting at the edge of a pool with a red flower in her hair, Jennings was radiating trans joy.

She wrote: “For me, #TransJoy means wearing a bathing suit with confidence. Swimsuits, which are often revealing, can intensify feelings of discomfort and anxiety about our bodies.”

“Whoever you are, and whatever insecurities you have about your body, I truly hope you know how beautiful you and you body are. There is no right way to look. Love yourself as you are.”

This comes after Jennings revealed in 2021 that she had gained 100 pounds due to binge-eating disorder, which stemmed from mental health issues.

She previously said: “I gained weight and more weight and more weight. And now, almost 100lbs heavier, here I am today.”

She has since lost that 100 pounds and is reassessing her relationship with her body.

Jennings is also the star of a reality TV series on TLC, I am Jazz, documenting her and her family’s life while dealing with her transition and everyday teen issues.

The show has been running for eight seasons, starting when Jennings was about to enter high school in 2015.

Her family, including her three siblings, parents, and grandparents, all appear in the show to document their experiences as the family members of a trans teenager.

When did Jazz Jennings transition?

Jennings had gender affirming surgery in 2018, previously telling People that she had been “wanting this all my life”.

She was officially diagnosed with gender dysphoria when she just four, making her one of the youngest publicly documented transgender people at the time. As a child, Jennings went to Camp Aranu’tiq, the first sleepaway camp for transgender children.

Her parents have consistently supported her gender identify and desire to transition.

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