Will France ban fast fashion?

France is considering a scheme that would penalise fast fashion brands by charging them a fee of up to €10 (£8.50/$11) per item. 

In March, France’s lower house of parliament approved a bill that would penalise ultra-fast fashion products. 

The bill, which proposes gradually increasing penalties per item of clothing by 2030, aims to curb the environmental impact of retailers such as Shein and Temu.

It would also see a ban on advertising for fast fashion and it will now head to the senate before possibly becoming law. 

The bill aims to hit back at impulsive buying

According to CNN Style, the bill says: “This evolution of the apparel sector towards ephemeral fashion, combining increased volumes and low prices, is influencing consumer buying habits by creating buying impulses and a constant need for renewal, which is not without environmental, social and economic consequences.” 

C’était une priorité. Han Han.

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Christophe Béchu, France’s minister for ecological transition, wrote on X/Twitter: “The National Assembly has just unanimously adopted a bill to curb the growth of ultra-fast fashion.

“I am delighted with this major breakthrough. Today, thanks to the work of @AnneCecileVio [a French National Assembly deputy] and deputies from all political groups, a big step has been taken to reduce the environmental footprint of the textile sector.” 

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