Trixie Mattel ‘banned from Instagram’ for calling two trailblazing gay whales the f-slur

Drag superstar, makeup mogul and apparent whale hate-crimer-in-chief Trixie Mattel has claimed she was banned from Instagram calling two gay whales the f-slur.

Remember in February this year, when two male, humpback whales were spotted giving each other’s blowholes a good old seeing to? It was the first picture of its kind, but we’ve not heard from the aquatic lovers since, and perhaps we now have a reason why – a reason called Trixie Mattel.

When the historic whale antics were reported, the All Stars 3 champion took it upon herself to burst their bubbles, and comment a gay slur under an Instagram picture of the whales’ OnlyFins stills: “F****ts”, she wrote.

Speaking on the May 28 episode of her podcast The Bald and the Beautiful, which she co-hosts with season seven co-star, All Stars 2 finalist and frequent partner in crime, Katya, Trixie revealed that she was ‘banned’ from her Instagram account after the transgression with trademark bluntness and wit.

Opening her defence, Trixie said: “I’ve gotten in trouble on Instagram for things that I should not have been in trouble for. Like when I called those whales f****ts.”

Katya then replied: “Oh, hate speech! But that’s different. It’s such a clear slur” before Trixie interrupted and pointed out that, if anyone has a pass to use that word, it’s her.

“Come on, me, in drag, calling two whales f*gs? Those whales don’t even have Instagram. They’re not even gonna hear about it!”

It was at this point in the clip that Katya realised Trixie was talking about the actual aquatic mammals, and not “two large people”, prompting the former to erupt in laughter.

“Oh my god, I was like: ‘How dare you!’”

Trixie then responded in her best redneck impression: “Those whales! Those goddamn whales!”

Long story short, those gay whales have gone into hiding after being hate-crimed by Trixie, and Trixie has her Instagram account back, and is free to terrorise more gay animals (and drag queens) to her heart’s content.

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