This online sex education masterclass will basically turn you into Dr. Jean F. Milburn

A sexual wellness brand is launching a sex education masterclass and it’s free for anyone with a student ID.

It’s from Australian-based brand, NORMAL and is designed to raise the standard of sex education around relationships, consent and pleasure across the globe.

If you enjoyed Sex Education and like the idea of one day being a therapist like Jean Milburn, it’s a great step in the right direction and will definitely look good on your CV.

They’ve released their first video as part of ‘The Modern Guide to Sex’ which has been co-created by sex coach Georgia Grace.

The aim of the class is to make sex education more accessible, affordable and of a higher quality than what is currently made available.

It’s designed to be sex-positive, inclusive, practical and have an evidence-based overview of the foundations of good sex.

So what exactly does the masterclass series feature? Well there are 15 video episodes and a 200-page eBook, accessible on mobile and desktop.

‘The Modern Guide to Sex’ covers following topics:

Understanding pleasure
Body, Self and Sexual Confidence
The Science of Foreplay, Arousal and Orgasms
Masturbation and Solo Exploration
Exploring Vaginal Sex
Exploring Anal and Oral Sex
Exploring V-on-V and P-on-P Sex
Boundaries and Consent Skills
Fostering Better Relationships
Sexual Health & Wellbeing
Pain During Sex

Founder Lucy Wark says: “Sex education has always been about what not to do – framed around a certain set of risks – with little focus on pleasure and relationships in a way that’s practical and realistic.”

“On top of that, we’ve sadly seen too often how much the standard around consent education needs to be raised.”

They created ‘The Modern Guide to Sex‘ for people across the globe after identifying major gaps in current sex education curriculums impacting people of all ages, gender and sexuality.

In a survey with more than 1,000 people the brand found that less than 10 percent of recent graduates learned anything about safe LGBT+ sex.

Other stark findings included that just one in three learned how to discuss consent with a partner, while one in 10 learned about the difference between porn and real sex.

They also found that some of the biggest issues people face are “not feeling confident during sex”, “body image making it hard to enjoy sex” and “wanting to give partners more pleasure”.

Some of the visuals that feature in the online sex education masterclass from NORMAL.

The brand is offering free access to anyone over 18-years-old currently in university, college or technical school to “make up for the gaps” in school-based sex education.

To sign up to the masterclass for free if you have student ID or to pay head to

Plus you can also get 30 percent off one of the brand’s sex toys when you buy the course, using the code TRYBOTH30.

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