This Drag Race vs. Pokémon mash up video will make you feel fabulously nostalgic

Drag Race and Pokémon fan Sindorman has done it again with a fabulous crossover video.

Following Kylie Sonique Love’s All Stars 6 win and induction to the Hall of Fame, Sindorman captured the moment… in Pokémon style pixel art.

Firstly, Kylie approaches RuPaul and the All Stars winners.

Kylie Sonique Love tumbling into the Hall of Fame

— Sindorman (@sindorman) September 7, 2021

“This is where we honor the All Stars champion for all eternity,” says Pixel Ru.

“Here today, we have witnessed the rise of a new All Star! A queen who exemplifies the art of drag. A queen who succeeded through perseverance and determination. The new All Star who has all the makings of greatness Henny!”

We’re then whisked through the winners in glorious pixel art: Chad Michaels, Alaska (holding an Ekans no less), Trixie Mattel, Monet and Trinity, and Shea Coulee. 

Kylie then enters, complete with iconic lip sync roll, with “Ooh gurl, you got female”.

“Sonique the Hedgehog,” quipped Sindorman in a follow up tweet.

Sonique the Hedgehog

— Sindorman (@sindorman) September 7, 2021

“I was absolutely thrilled that Kylie won this season!” Sindorman told Pink News. “She’s been one of my top picks since the cast was announced, and to see her live her truth and killing it in the competition was just a blast!”

The video took him about a day to complete. “I had the idea for the video since she won, and since I’ve made a whole bunch of other Drag Race themed Pokémon Gold/Silver animations, I really wanted to make one for her win as well!

“And the reactions to the video have been really fun, to see both the official Drag Race account retweet it, and to have Kylie comment and share it in her Instagram stories has been such a blast!”

Sindorman has become known online for his Pokémon themed Drag Race videos that recreate iconic moments from the show.

There’s Asia O’Hara and her multiple Butterfree that get stomped by Kameron Michaels. There’s BenDeLaCreme self destructing. And there’s the unforgettable “act a fool” moment from All Stars 1.

You can check out a thread of Sindorman’s incredible work below.

so i’m not sure if i ever posted all my DragRace/Pokemon animations on twitter, so i’m making a thread with all of them here, in chronological order! @KameronMichaels @AsiaOharaLand

— Sindorman (@sindorman) January 26, 2020

Kylie Sonique Love made herstory to beat Ginger Minj, Ra’Jah O’Hara and Eureka to take the All Stars 6 crown in a country song finale.

It makes Kylie the first trans woman to win the US version of the show.

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