The Umbrella Academy’s season four trailer sees Elliot Page and the Hargreeves on one last mission

The first trailer for season four of Netflix’s adored superhero series The Umbrella Academy has landed, and sees Elliot Page’s Viktor Hargreeves and the rest of the clan undertaking one last mission.

The trailer, set to the tune of Swedish rock band Europe’s 1986 song “The Final Countdown,” sees the Hargreeves siblings leaving their regular lives to come together for the last time to embark on a “rescue mission”.

In the trailer, Viktor (played by trans actor Page), says he and his siblings “drive each other crazy”.

“But when things go to hell, they’re there for me,” he reflects.

The official synopsis for the fourth instalment, as per Netflix, reads: “The Hargreeves siblings have scattered after the climactic showdown at the Hotel Oblivion led to a complete reset of their timeline. Stripped of their powers, each is left to fend for themselves and find a new normal — with wildly varying degrees of success.

“Yet the trappings of their uncanny new world prove too hard to ignore for very long. Their father Reginald, alive and well, has stepped out of the shadows and into the public eye, overseeing a powerful and nefarious business empire. A mysterious association known as The Keepers holds clandestine meetings believing the reality they’re living in is a lie and a great reckoning is coming.

“As these strange new forces conspire around them, the Umbrella Academy must come together one last time — and risk upsetting the shaky peace they’ve all endured so much to secure — to finally set things right,” it concludes.

It’s the first full-length look at the new series, following a very brief clip which appeared as part of Netflix’s “Next on Netflix” showcase earlier this year.

The short clip showed Page and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn star Aidan Gallagher as Viktor and Five Hargreeves, awe-struck and clapping. Clapping at what, though, remains to be seen.

While the Close To You actor has remained relatively tight-lipped on what the series will cover, he has promised that season four will be “very fun” with “classic Hargreeves chaos and hijinks”.

The first look at Elliot Page in the final season of The Umbrella Academy. (Netflix)

Page has also previously said that fans can expect “excitement, surprises, humour, twists, and turns” in the last ever season, while Lila Pitts actress Ritu Arya has dubbed it “the best season yet”.

The Umbrella Academy season four will be the show’s final season

Though The Umbrella Academy season four plot is centred around their final battle, several shocking twists from season three still need unravelling.

Namely, at the end of season three, the superpowered siblings were stripped of their magical skills and left abandoned on a whole new universal timeline.

As Netflix has previously described, the new season will see the family having to go head-to-head with “new enemies who want to see them wiped from existence”.

Plus, fans will be waiting with bated breath to learn the fate of Sparrow Academy member Sloane (The Fugitive‘s Genesis Rodriguez).

Sloane got lost in the new timeline at the end of season three, which was created by the Hargreeves’ late adoptive father, Reginald (House of Cards star Colm Feore).

Elliot Page stars in The Umbrella Academy season 4. (John Phillips/Getty Images)

Sloane didn’t appear in the very short “Next on Netflix” teaser clip, leaving fans in the dark about whether she will appear in the new series at all.

Earlier this year, Elliot Page reflected on the “incredible” way The Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman responded to him coming out as a trans man in 2020.

Page had been part of the superhero drama for two seasons before coming out, and Blackman worked his transition into the show’s storyline for his character Viktor.

“[He was] actually probably one of the first people I came out to,” Page explained. 

“I was supposed to go back to shoot the third season and wanted to ideally get surgery before. I called him nervously and he was incredible.

“If anything, he was the one who was very insistent on me having it be a part of the show and supported me to be able to access the care I was hoping to get at that time.”

The Umbrella Academy returns on 8 August on Netflix.

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