That’s So Raven’s Anneliese van der Pol responds to JoJo Siwa ‘trolling’ her on TikTok

That’s So Raven’s Anneliese van der Pol has responded to JoJo Siwa after the singer appeared to “troll” her on TikTok.

The actor – who is perhaps best known for playing Chelsea Daniels in the Disney Channel original series alongside Raven Symone – has hinted about allegedly being fired from the series spin-off Raven’s Home.

In a 13 May video on her TikTok page, van der Pol shared a clip of herself typing away at a computer with the caption: “Me emailing Disney after no one told me I was fired.”

“You have massively f**ked me over. I will never think of you the same. Enjoy your bad karma. Rot in hell, evil b**ch,” the TikTok sound says.

In another of her videos – in which the actor laughs after finding out Raven’s Home was cancelled after six seasons – Siwa, a fellow child star on Lifetime’s Dance Moms responded. 

“Six seasons, and now a spin-off…”, Siwa began in the comment, referencing the new spin-off series in its place, Alice in the Palace. “I think they’re doing just fine. Also, look at your account… Your highest views come from talking about the show/raven as well.”

To this, van der Pol responded directly to her comment with a video with the caption: “When Jojo Siwa trolls you on TikTok…

“I was on Disney at like 15, I feel like this is not my biggest issue…”

The actor also spoke out about the alleged “beef” which seemed to spur from Siwa’s comment on her podcast Big Name B**ches with Christy Carlson Romano. 

“JoJo Siwa went into your comments section, and then I think she erased it,” Romano said. 

However, van der Pol was unaware of who Siwa was, initially. “This is how old and stupid I am… I saw ‘Jojo’, and I had no idea what people were talking about.”

“I have to say, this might be one of the sassiest big-name b**ches. JoJo Siwa doesn’t like you,” Romano concluded.

PinkNews has contacted a representative of JoJo Siwa for a comment on the matter.

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