Taylor Zakhar Perez slams ‘rude’ questions about Nicholas Galitzine’s sexuality

Red, White & Royal Blue‘s Taylor Zakhar Perez has said that questions about his co-star Nicholas Galitzine’s sexuality are “rude”. 

Perez, 32, reflected on the debate about whether straight actors should play LGBTQ+ characters during a recent interview with Men’s Health. 

Hi Red, White & Royal Blue co-star Galitzine, who also appeared in sexy Sky drama Mary & George and has played a variety of queer characters on screen, spoke to GQ earlier this month about the “guilt” he sometimes feels as a straight man taking LGBTQ+ roles as a straight man.

Seemingly referring to those headlines, Perez said: “Nicholas was asked the other day about his sexuality, and I just find it so rude. It’s unprofessional and no one’s business. That’s someone’s personal life.” 

Nicholas Galitzine has played a number of LGBTQ+ characters. (Getty)

He said of his own role of Alex, the bisexual son of the first female US president, in Red, White & Royal Blue: “I’m grateful to be part of a project where, yes, it is a love story, but again, it’s not the sole focus. 

“These people have robust, full lives. They’re educated. Alex is in law school. Henry [Galitzine’s character] is crazy smart and he’s a prince, and his sense of duty is unparalleled. The less people focus on sexuality and see what these people are capable of, that’s when we’ve created real change.” 

Perez has previously spoken about the pressure of playing a queer character. He has never publicly discussed his sexuality, but said he felt “an enormous weight” on his shoulders to ensure accuracy and throughout filming thought about the LGBTQ+ community “the entire time”. 

Taylor Zakhar Perez thinks it’s rude to ask actors about their sexuality. (Prime Video)

He is a staunch LGBTQ+ advocate and in 2021 told Sharp magazine: “Going from trans rights to gay rights to people of colour’s rights, I’m here for all of it, however they need it.

“As I’m meeting more and more people, my only intention is to bring love, kindness and support.”

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