Sex Education star and activists share dream trans dinner party guests in Trans+ History Week

Sex Education star Anthony Lexa has joined trans and non-binary activists in naming the three dream guests they’d love to have over for dinner – and hero of the community keeps cropping up. 

During Trans+ History Week‘s first ever event in London on Tuesday (7 May), PinkNews asked four trans and non-binary influencers to name three guests – living or dead – they wish they could invite over. 

Sex Education‘s Anthony Lexa, who told PinkNews she would also invite the “inspirational” late US trans activist Marsha P Johnson, and ask her: “What it means to be that strong?” 

Joining them at the dinner table would be trans musician and producer SOPHIE, who died in 2021 after falling from a rooftop in Athens.

Anthony Lexa wants to cook for a trans musician and a Hollywood star. (PinkNews)

Singer-songwriter Lexa said she would invite the Scottish star because of how they managed to “carve” their own space in the pop industry and create such “radical change” in it.

The last guest would be trans actor Elliot Page, who inspired Lexa with his “transition in the public eye” – something they couldn’t imagine doing themself. 

Non-binary activist Dee Whitnell said their first guest would be the patron saint of France, Joan of Arc.

Dee Whitnell would love to be able to cook for Joan of Arc. (@kirk_protest_london)

“Even though we don’t know they were non-binary, they were definitely non-binary,” Whitnell said. 

“I would obviously love to invite Marsha P Johnson,” to thank her for “everything she’s ever done”, they added.

“And my last spot would have to go to a young trans person. I [don’t necessarily know] who that person would be, but I would feel so grateful to sit in a room with [them] and to have all these different experiences come together in conversation.” 

Sabah Choudrey would have friends and colleagues round. (PinkNews)

The co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton, Sabah Choudrey, didn’t actually name any names, but rightly said that “trans friends or trans people I work with” would make up his ideal dinner table.

Jude Guaitamacchi is a fan of Marsha P Johnson. (James Klug/Getty Images)

Trans campaigner Jude Guaitamacchi, who expressed their alarm at recent leaked NHS guidance on trans safeguarding during the event, said they would invite Pose star and model Indya Moore and Marsha P Johnson.

Their third dream guest would be political activist Christine Burns, who was instrumental in helping the government pass the 2004 Gender Recognition Act and was awarded an MBE in 2004.

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