RuPaul’s Drag Race: 6 key takeaways as full-length season 15 episodes drop

The full, 60-minute episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 have landed, four months on from Sasha Colby storming the competition to win the coveted crown.

It was one of the biggest Drag Race disappointments ever when season 15 of the drag reality show premiered in January and fans learnt that the episodes had been cut to just 40 minutes each.

The decision came after the show was moved over from VH1 to MTV with the latter announcing that the episodes would be cut to make room for other programmes in their schedule, including Todrick Hall’s controversial reality series, Real Friends of WeHo.

Fans voiced their frustration, as did the season’s queens themselves. They felt it unfair that they spent time and money on their runway looks, only to get just a few seconds of air time.

However, in what Drag Race fans deemed a win for internet perseverance, the team behind the show announced last month that season 15’s full-length episodes would finally be released on Paramount+ and WOW Presents.

Now, that day has come, and fans have picked up on exactly how much fun was lost in the original editing. Here are some of the highlights.

The Snatch Game moment that ‘got Sugar sent home

Fans were left teary-eyed as Sugar was eliminated after the Snatch Game. She’d bombed the challenge while impersonating internet celebrity Trisha Paytas, and had to lip-sync against her twin, Spice. 

The original episode showed that none of Sugar’s risqué jokes were landing, but in the revised edit, it’s clear that one joke went down particularly poorly. So much so that Sugar, who shared a clip of the moment on her Instagram page, said: “It was this exact moment I knew RuPaul was sending me home.”

In the clip, Sugar, as Trisha, said to Ru: “I have a question for you. What’s your body count?”

A body count refers to the number of people someone has slept with.

“I have no idea,” Ru responded blankly.

Sugar came back with: “Now that I’m a born again virgin and only do anal, it’s down to zero. You should try it,” to which Ru despondently replied: “Uh-huh.”

Cue the timeless Drag Race shade noise, and fellow season 15 star Jax declaring: “Ru is very annoyed right now”.

While Ru might not have enjoyed the joke, others certainly did, with Sugar’s sister Spice commenting: “You gagged her a bit.”


— Blaze (@BlazesAccount) August 9, 2023

Asking RuPaul his body count is wild hilarious #DragRace

— ᴄʜᴜᴄᴋ ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴏɴ (@iAmCEMJ) August 11, 2023

The Sugar and Spice lip-sync gag

Neither Sugar nor Spice were exactly known for their lip-syncing abilities, so when RuPaul declared that they would be battling it out against each other at the end of the Snatch Game episode, fan hopes were not exactly high.

But they used their twin power to camp it up, with Spice pretending to lasso her sister and drag her across the stage.

In the unedited version though, the jokes and gags are amped up a notch. They turn their backs to the judges, and, seconds later, turn around to reveal that they’re both wearing fake teeth.

It’s a moment that Sugar had previously mentioned during her exit interviews, but fans weren’t convinced that it had actually happened.

“I thought they were trolling us, the fact it happened and was originally cut from the edit is insane to me,” one fan wrote, sharing a video of the new edit.

Reflecting on the moment, Spice wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter): “I’m kinda gagged they actually showed it because that was us trolling them right in front of their faces.”

Ahh the infamous lip sync moment they cut I’m kinda gagged they actually showed it bc that was quite literally us trolling them right in front of their faces lmao! Bc we both knew Sugar was going home regardless bc Ru hated her after she asked him what his body count was

— SPICE ⭑ (@callmespice_) August 9, 2023

One of the season’s best lip-syncs just got even better

When Sasha Colby was paired up with Anetra during the lip-sync LaLaPaRuZa, fans knew they were in for a show. It was, without doubt, one of the season’s best lip-syncs, with both queens kicking and twirling to Fifth Harmony’s “I’m in Love with a Monster”.

In the new edit, fans are treated to a few extra seconds of Colby slaying the song and proving once again why she thoroughly deserved the crown. In the extended clip, she splits, then flips one leg over the other, before spinning on to her knees.

Sharing a clip of the moment on social media, a fan wrote: “I still can’t believe they had the nerve to cut this part of the lip-sync.”

Another asked: “Why did they cut this before?”

i still can’t believe they had the nerve to cut this part of the lipsync #DragRace

— its edu (@povdemie) August 10, 2023


— chikorita layover (@abcdefvoo) August 9, 2023

i’m so glad i got to watch the extended lip syncs before paramount took them down sasha vs anetra and spice vs malaysia are my top 2 fav lip syncs #dragrace

— —Aaryn (@CAMPIIDOLL) August 10, 2023

Questionable lip-sync decisions

On the subject of the LaLaPaRuZa, some fans have claimed that the extended edit shows that one queen who lost her lip-syncs should have actually won.

The episode in question saw Spice paired to lip-sync against Malaysia Babydoll Foxx to Camila Cabello’s “Don’t Get Yet”, with the latter eventually declared the winner. In the revised edit though, fans can see Spice once again clowning about, shaking her a*se and momentarily disappearing off stage.

“I love me some Malaysia Babydoll Foxx but Spice high-key won this,” one fan wrote on social media.

#DragRace More evidence that RU didn’t want spice SHE SHOULD HAVE WON THIS LIP SYNC. Just for that MOMENT.

— (@DMPTIERRA) August 10, 2023

For those who says Malaysia won this and Spice is just doing the same tricks, Malaysia is doing the same thing but not as entertaining. So yea, Spice wins

— Spence (@SspenceDspence) August 11, 2023

This wasn’t a good lip sync by any means but spice still absolutely won with the “don’t go yet” gag

— logan SAW DOECHII (@wishfulfemmebot) August 10, 2023

#DragRace The fact that all the extended cut revealed was show us that Spice was robbed

— JBell (@ClanIsbel) August 10, 2023

Some fans have gone as far to say that it wasn’t just Spice versus Malaysia that was judged incorrectly.

Before she had to go up against Malaysia, Spice had to take on Loosey LaDuca, with the latter winning. However, after watching the extended version, some aren’t so sure it was the right call.

wait cuz why did the extended spice vs. loosey lip-sync kinda show spice winning

— ray (@mascarayde) August 9, 2023

The fact Spice could’ve genuinely won all of her lip syncs is insane to me

— idkwhattouseasname (@Acompletemess3) August 9, 2023

she actually did

— rstar (@sixthfile) August 9, 2023

Mistress Isabelle Brooks was originally cast on another season

One of the many reasons why season 15 was so *chef’s kiss* was Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ presence. The Texan diva became an instant fan-favourite thanks to the unabashed conversations she had with her fellow queens, her hilarious antics and her famous giggle, which became a meme on the show – and on social media.

However, in the extended versions, Brooks revealed that she was initially cast for season 13, but an ankle injury meant she had to withdraw.


— josh ✮ (@obvprom) August 10, 2023

Season 15 is actually one of the best seasons in Drag Race herstory

Thanks to its killer lip-syncs, fierce cast, impeccable runways and the eventual winner, many fans have declared that season 15 could have been one of the best in the entire franchise – if only the episodes were longer.

Fans complained that queens such as Jax and Robin Fierce didn’t receive enough air time, and connections between the new queens and the fandom suffered. Now, with the extended edit out in the world, there is an overwhelming consensus that yep, season 15 really is that girl.


— justine (not justin) (@catmother42069) August 11, 2023

robin actually having confessionals oh my god we won #DragRace

— dav (@lilhersheyskiss) August 10, 2023

Rewatching Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

The extended versions have only added an extra 15 minutes but it feels so much better already! @WorldOfWonder

– More Airtime for other Queens!
– Extra time for Lipsyncs!#DragRace

— Ryan Ashmore (@Razamataz144) August 10, 2023

This longer edit of #DragRace season 15 is the best television.

— I’m Andy Milonakis (@ItzMyShow_) August 9, 2023

I know its been said but like… the extended episodes have been wonderful. This really is like a completely different season. #dragrace

— °°T°° (@spellions) August 10, 2023

Love the extended episodes of #DragRace S15 on Paramount+.

The extra footage highly improves the pacing of the episodes, allows us get to know the queens so much more, & even little throwaway jokes/comments make the season feel more entertaining.

Also love not-rushed runways.

— Bernardo Sim (@simbernardo) August 10, 2023

I’m rewatching season 15 now that the 90 minute episodes are available, and this is such a cunty season, we were served such great drag this year. #DragRace

— 1995 (stevie’s version) 🩵 (@stevieac95) August 9, 2023

Rewatching RuPaul’s #DragRace season 15.. and omg!! There’s so much scenes and confessionals that’s been cut Loving the screen time for most queens who didn’t get the cut!!

— mariusperry (@mariusperry) August 10, 2023

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, the extended cut, is available on WOW Presents Plus and Paramount+.

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