Red White & Royal Blue fans praise bisexual representation: ‘I feel so comforted and seen’

Fans of Amazon Prime’s new adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue have been quick to praise the new film for its nuanced depiction of bisexuality.

Based on Casey McQuiston’s international bestseller, Amazon Prime’s adaptation follows the romance between a British prince and the firsts son of the United States Alex Claremont-Diaz.

The two-hour film, directed by Matthew López and also featuring Stephen Fry, has brought more welcome LGBTQ+ representation to the screen.

In the book, Alex goes through a sexuality crisis after kissing Henry for the first time, before accepting he is bisexual. In the film, his dilemma is largely cut out, but that doesn’t take away from the meaningful moments where he loudly and proudly stands up for the bisexual community.

One scene particularly lauded by fans is when Alex, played by Taylor Zakhar Perez, comes out to his mum, the president.

Her unconditional support is beautiful to witness and after confirming that he identifies as bisexual, she says: “You know, the B in LGBTQ is not a silent letter.”

One fan noted: “This is so important, especially with all of the bi erasure that exists in the world. We are not silent, we are here and we are proud.”

that’s my bi bby #RWRBMovie #rwrbspoilers

— barb (@halsteadaes) August 11, 2023

“well you know the B in LGBTQ is not a silent letter” SPEAK MOTHERRRR SPEAK #RWRBMovie

— mir | rwrb spoilers (@gvnsthetic) August 11, 2023

Bisexual representation is all too often overlooked, both within the community and the mainstream media. It is one of the reasons López felt so moved to bring the novel to life.

“I’m a queer Puerto Rican, and I think if I had had access to Alex Claremont-Diaz as a younger man, I might have had an easier path in life,” López said.

He’s clearly done a good job because bisexual fans are thrilled with the bi character.


— connor ATL N1 (@sinistercherubs) August 1, 2023

do you realize that we have the main character of a two-hour amazon movie coming out as bisexual ???? i am crying over this rewatching the movie (yes already) because it’s so important? i feel so safe #RWRBMovie

— mad | 4 HOURS (@agcdshouse) August 11, 2023

as a bisexual i just wanna say: thank you taylor, you gave me the perfect acd and i’ll forever be grateful for that. #RWRBMovie

— fe 𖤓 (@mirrorballfe) August 11, 2023

when alex said “i guess you could say i’m… bisexual” i straight up said “babygirl me too” OUT LOUD #RWRBMovie

— halli hs & rwrb spoilers (@sprngawakening) August 11, 2023

“i guess you could say that i’m….bisexual” STFU I LOVE HEARING BI CHARACTERS SAY IT AT LOUD #RWRBMovie

— yaëlle | rwrb spoilers (@tksbegins) August 11, 2023

all i will say about the movie until release is that it made me feel so comforted and seen as a bisexual person and just being queer in general and i am so grateful for all the assurance it brought me #RWRBmovie

— berry AIDAN DAY (@flrstprnce) August 10, 2023

he’s so bisexual #RWRBMovie

— for bisexuals ! read pinned (@_forbisexuals) August 11, 2023

“I’m bi, actually”
“the B on LGBTQ isn’t a silent letter”

because Bisexuals are SO LOUD AND VALID and i love all my bisexual babies but especially Nick Nelson and Alex Claremont Diaz🩷#Heartstopper #RWRBMovie

— char’s reputation on the line (@charstoppers) August 11, 2023

Given that a bisexual character is at the heart of the love story, López was keen to emphasise that this is not just a “gay love story”.

Speaking to PinkNews, he said: “I sometimes bristle when people say: ‘Oh, it’s two gay men’. Actually, no, it’s one gay man and one bisexual man.

“They are in love and they are a same-sex couple, yes. [But] as [is written] in the novel, and as in the movie, the B in LGBTQ is not a silent letter. That was really important to me, because it was important to Casey [McQuiston].”

Red, White & Royal Blue is streaming on Prime Video now.

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