Manchester City fans tear down Pride flag during ‘ugly’ clashes at Spurs stadium

There were “ugly scenes” at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as two fans broke onto the pitch and others tried to tear down a Pride flag in the stands.

The beginning of the Premier League season on Saturday (14 August) saw fans return to stadiums after 17 months, but unfortunately the moment was marred by bad behaviour from some.

Sunday afternoon’s (15 August) fixture between Tottenham and Manchester City descended into chaos after the full-time whistle blew, with two spectators running onto the pitch, including a young boy.

As they were dragged off by security staff a handful of Man City supporters were seen attempting to untie a large rainbow banner brought by Proud Lilywhites, the official LGBT+ group for Spurs fans.

“There’s a bit of a scuffle breaking out in the corner as well, which is really, really disappointing to see with the Manchester City fans over there,” said Faye Curruthers, commenting for talkSPORT.

“They’ve also unfurled one of the Spurs LGBT Proud Lilywhites flags in the far corner, they’ve tried to get that pulled down as they were leaving. A few City fans have been ejected and reports of another one coming over to remonstrate towards the end with Fernandinho and Gundogan.

“Ugly scenes at the end of this match, which is a shame because Tottenham were well deserving of the 1-0 win.”

Fans on the pitch and Man City supporters remonstrating with their own players – City fans have untied the @SpursLGBT flag in the far corner as well. All got a bit niggly and nasty at the end – injury to Gundogan as well

— Faye Carruthers (@FayeCarruthers) August 15, 2021

Tottenham LGBT+ fans ‘are not going away’

Proud Lilywhites refused to be daunted by the scenes at the match.

“Definitely not something we want to see,” they tweeted after the game, “but they untie it, we put it back up. We’re part of this family, this community, we’re not going away.”

Former Tottenham striker and talkSPORT host Darren Bent also condemned spectators’ behaviour on Sunday Boot Room.

“Fans are back into the stadiums and it was a fantastic performance from Spurs, and then obviously then we’ve got these kinds of ugly scenes,” he said. “This is not good, we don’t want to see that and this is not what fans are back into stadiums for.”

Ex-Premier League ace Darren Ambrose added: “You’ve spent so long out of stadiums, and to come back and the first game you’re watching to go and do that, it’s just not what you want to see.

“It was a good game, it was good natured and to spoil it at the end, the minority, it’s not good.”

Neither team has issued a pubic comment on the incident.