Little Mix’s Jade reaffirms gay icon status by teasing she’s written ‘oral sex banger’ with Tove Lo

Pop legend-in-waiting and former Little Mix member Jade has teased fans with details of upcoming music, and once again demonstrated her gay icon status – by revealing one song is about blowjobs.

With her debut single “Angel of My Dreams” finally on the way, full time icon Jade Thirlwall (now just Jade), has officially ramped up the publicity campaign.

Speaking to BEAT Magazine, Jade has revealed that an upcoming song – or at least one that’s already been written – is about oral sex. Our bodies are ready.

“I’ve got a similar [song to Rachel Stevens’ “Some Girls”], actually,” Jade revealed. “Well it’s more about the other way round, I suppose. I wrote it with Tove Lo. She loves an oral sex banger!”

Continuing, she added that she’s looking forward to “subverting expectations” with her post-Little Mix solo music – which apparently includes taking cues from songs about anal sex, too.

“When I got in [the studio] with Tove, she was like, ‘What’s the vibe?’ And I said, ‘Whatever you think it is, I want you to forget that — we can push it as far as we can.’ She played me a song and it was basically about anal sex. I was like, ‘I’m in! Let’s do it.’

“I love when a song sounds innocent and sweet, but then you really hear it and it’s filth. I don’t know if this one will ever see the light of day, mind you. But I am a very honest person. The main concepts of the album are my experiences in the industry, falling in love with Jordan and finding myself again.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jade also spoke about “supporting the gays before it was fashionable,” and being inspired by drag queens, because that’s mother.

“Even if I go right back to my roots, I was watching drag queens in Benidorm as a kid,” she explained.

“My first obsession was Diana Ross, because my mum looked just like her and I genuinely thought she was her until I was 10. She’d go to bingo and be like, ‘I’m off to do another show, Jade,’ and I’d be like, ‘My mum’s Diana Ross!’

“From the off I loved the glitz and the glam, and all the feather boas and sequins. I was drawn to campness. Growing up in a musical theatre background, I was surrounded by a lot of LGBTQ people. Then when I moved to London my gay friends took me under their wing. That’s where I found myself.

“Drag culture helped me realise you can have this alter ego as a performer, which genuinely transformed my confidence. Five years in [to Little Mix], our gay audience grew and I thought, ‘Well, I can’t keep skipping the queue at Heaven and saying that’s my allyship, so I best learn more.’”

The Little Mix alum’s record certainly proves that her allyship has come a lot further than that; she also explained that at the start of her career, she “got in touch with Stonewall in my early twenties and asked for a meeting, so they could help educate me on the history and what it means to be an ally.

“I’m still working with Stonewall now. I didn’t want to come across as someone doing performative or opportunistic allyship. If anyone thought that of me I’d feel so disappointed.”

“Angel of My Dreams” is available for pre-save/ pre-order here.

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