LGBTQ+ parents are raving about ‘accessible’ gender-neutral children’s book What Makes A Baby

It’s not easy for parents to find gender-neutral, inclusive books for toddlers, never mind finding age-appropriate literature which discusses reproduction without getting too graphic.

In light of the LGBTQ+ book bans in the US, one LGBTQ+ parent has highlighted the gem of a book, What Makes A Baby by Cory Silberberg and Fiona Smyth. Fellow author Markus Bones took to TikTok on 16 April to praise the “beautifully simple yet accurate and inclusive” title, which is suitable for preschool to eight-year-old readers.

“This is one of my favourite books,” Bones began. “We’re introducing how babies are made, how children come into the world, I find it successful for a wide variety of ages.”

The Really Cute People author goes on to read the book out loud for viewers, which goes through the start of conception from a sperm and egg cell meeting before eventually resulting in a baby.


“What Makes a Baby” by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth – a beautifully simple yet accurate and inclusive depiction of how babies are made Highly recommend! #kidlit #bookreview #childrensbooks

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“I really appreciate how they do not assume that the person supplying the egg is going to grow the baby, because that’s not true for every [parent and] baby,” Bones said.

When the book moved on to talking about reproductive organs, with the uterus in particular, Bones took a moment to explain their thoughts. 

“Again a very un-gendered way of explaining this concept, which I appreciate because in our house, daddy has a uterus.”

“Accurate, simple, accessible,” they said of one line, which explained that not all sperm and egg cells meeting results in a baby. 

The book also provides a “great opportunity to have a conversation with your kid about their conception, where they came from, who was excited to meet them”.

The story also explains vaginal and C-section birth using simple, scientific language. “I really appreciate the representation of different types of births, [which is] really awesome,” Bones added.

“Overall I think this is a great book and a great representation of what inclusive media can look like. It incorporates a variety of perspectives and experiences to make something that is accessible to everyone.”

The LGBTQ+ community – with parents in particular – praised “the accuracy of the terminology”, with one writing: “Human anatomy isn’t too much for children to learn and this book makes it so accessible for them to learn!”

“I love the gender-neutral way that it is shown. I am currently pregnant, but am also trans, so this is amazing,” another echoed. 

“I’m an IVF baby, and would’ve loved this book when I was younger,” a different viewer commented.

You can buy What Makes A Baby via independent booksellers in the US, Canadian independent booksellers, or online

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