Lady Gaga teases Fortnite performance – and jokes about THAT iconic meme

In amazing news for fabulous Fortnite fans everywhere, Mother Monster will appear in season two of the Fortnite Festival, and will introduce Lady Gaga themed skins and more.

There are several tweets that, when they hit the timeline of X (which, like most people, we usually still call Twitter), can only be described as changing the course of history – and the future.

One of those famed tweets that echo down the ages came from press tour terroriser-in-chief, ‘Rain On Me‘ belter, makeup mogul and (say it with us) Oscar nominee, Lady Gaga.

In 2019, Ms. Stefani Germanotta tweeted “What’s fortnight?” in reference to the hugely popular online battle royale game created by Epic Games.

Maybe she was in her Madame Web era when she tweeted that (by which we mean she could see several years into the future), because on 20 February 2024, Gaga corrected her five-year-old tweet’s spelling – and added a graphic of what seemed to be a Lady Gaga inspired skin, plus the logo for online event Fortnite Festival’s second season, which will kick off 22 February.

Obviously, that’s prompted a lot of excitement from fans – and so has the subsequent announcement of at least two confirmed skins for their avatars in-game. These will be both Gaga’s Chromatica album cover outfit and her lewk from the ‘Rain On Me’ collab music video with Ariana Grande.

The assets also include a new emote (dance) for an avatar to perform, as well as a microphone and guitar shaped-weapon.

First look at Lady Gaga’s skins and assets coming on Fortnite Festival tomorrow.

— Lady Gaga Now (@ladygaganownet) February 21, 2024

The official Fortnite Festival account also confirmed that Gaga was their featured artist for season two. As they say: “Freak out!”

You’ve been asking for it for years. Mother Monster is here to deliver

That’s right, festies: @ladygaga is our featured artist for Fortnite Festival Season 2. Freak out, freak out, freak out!

— Fortnite Festival (@FNFestival) February 21, 2024

Fortnite Festival season two will feature a live performance from Lady Gaga – following in the footsteps of artists like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande and Billie Eillish (all of whom received their own skins).

There’s been no confirmation of what the set-list – or, indeed, the concert – will consist of, but if we know Lady Gaga (and we do), it’s sure to be fabulous. Also, given that both skins are from her Chromatica era, we’ll probabs be hearing ‘911’ or ‘Stupid Love’.s

Lady Gaga hits Fortnite Festival season two on 22 February 2024. Slay!

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