Kylie Jenner’s ‘hot’ Met Gala greeter claims he was let go for being too distracting

Italian model and Kylie Jenner’s “hot” greeter Eugenio Casnighi has claimed he was let go from a role at this year’s Met Gala just days before the major fashion industry event.

Casnighi is perhaps best known for assisting Jenner at the Met Gala in 2023, where he went viral online in countless “hot guy” memes. 

But, despite being hired as a model, Casnighi now claims he was dropped from this year’s event, which would have been his third as a model and greeter, for making it “about himself”. 

Taking to TikTok, where he has more than 120,000 followers, Casnighi, who is based in New York, shared a series of three videos. 

In the first video, showing photos of the viral memes of him behind Jenner and Blackpink’s Jennie, Casnighi claimed he had been let go due to the viral attention around his appearance last year.

“Basically, they said: ‘You made it about yourself. So, we can’t have you work there any more’,” he claimed. 

He shared emails and messages confirming his casting in a second TikTok and said he was “disappointed” but not “upset”. 

In a final video, he spilt the tea on the 2023 Met Gala guests. Kylie Jenner was “nice” and “looked very beautiful in real life”, and Kim Kardashian and model Gigi Hadid were also “nice”. 

But actresses Blake Lively and Emma Stone were the nicest of all the guests he met. 

Those who hadn’t been “that nice” were rappers Doja Cat, who, he joked, might have been in character as Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, and singer Bad Bunny, who “didn’t make a very good impression”. 

On Instagram, Casnighi poked fun at being let go, sharing photos of the event from last year with the caption, “Since they said I made it about myself… here we go again… last year”.

Comments under the post shower the model with praise. One person wrote: “You were more good looking than all the big stars at the event”.

Another added: “Like it’s his fault he is hot.”

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