Ice Spice decided to pick a fight with a gay fan, and it’s really not going well

Ice Spice revealed the release date for her debut album Y2K on Wednesday (5 June), as well as announcing plans for a tour.

She also revealed the Y2K cover art, which ended up sparking an unexpected online beef.

Ice Spice put up the artwork on Instagram. The cover image pays homage to the rapper’s NYC roots, showing her standing against a city wall with her name tagged in graffiti – there’s also a Y2K-branded trashcan in view.

She’s also showing off her butt, because – as we all know – if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it.

It all seemed to be going pretty well, until a gay fan decided to “help Ice Spice out” by – in his words – improving the artwork.

As an aside, Ice Spice recently boasted that the “gays love me”, a claim that might be about to change.

Digital creator Zachary DeNobrega re-edited the Y2K artwork by altering the text and placement of the graffiti, reports Instead of “Ice Spice,” the graffiti was changed to “Y2K,” making the name of the album much more prominent. The graffiti has also been moved so it’s against the wall, rather than on top of Ice Spice.

Made it better

— zach (@zachdenobrega) June 6, 2024

All in all, it was a pretty harmless edit. Unfortunately, Ice Spice wasn’t too happy with the changes.

She took offence at the insinuation DeNobrega had made the cover art “better” and decided to drag him online, digging through his old posts to find examples that backed up her claim he was “delulu” (delusional).

Ice Spice shared pictures of DeNobrega re-creating Mariah Carey’s Rainbow artwork, writing:

“u thought u made this better too delulu [laughing emoji].”

Ice Spice shared this recreation of a Mariah Carey album cover in an attempt to drag Zachary (X: IceSpicee_)

Undeterred, DeNobrega hit back, saying: “”Mind you, I shot my photo alone and edited alone and it still came out cleaner than hers with THEE world’s greatest photographer and a TEAM of editors…”

Many other people weren’t too impressed with what they saw as Ice Spice punching down and calling out a fan, and decided to pile into her replies in support of DeNobrega, with lots of people saying that his Y2K artwork was, indeed, better than the original.

One person wrote: “But the edited version IS better?!”

But the edited version IS better?!

— Terrell 𐚁 (@tmjsx1) June 6, 2024

Another added: “You do realize he wasn’t hating on you, right? lol”

Someone else pointed out: “He even put you some cute pink stuff coming out of the fire hydrant, I doubt he was being nasty… this look bad on your part.”

Others suggested that she pick her targets a bit more carefully, with one person stating: “there’s actual viral hate tweets about her cover and she attacks this innocent one like??”

She was even accused of homophobia for her tweet: “He’s obviously a fan and was experimenting with your art and instead of being grateful you’re trying to drag him with shades of homophobia Who hurt you?”

We witnessing the downfall of ice spice this year it’s written in stone

— 4KT WHO YOU HATE (@royal_bobby24) June 6, 2024

And yet another critic tweeted: “I mean your cover art is kinda messy and instead of listening to people u just wanna be rude … guess they got u too gassed.”

The general life lesson here is: never pick a fight with salty Twitter gays. It’s really not worth it.

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