I Kissed A Girl: Meet the 11 queer women looking for love on the BBC’s new lesbian dating series

Here come the girls! The queer women set to participate in the BBC’s new dating show have been revealed – and in Lesbian Visibility Week, no less.

I Kissed A Girl, the BBC’s first-of-its-kind dating show for LGBTQ+ women, is set to return on Sunday 5 May.

Hosted by Dannii Minogue, it will follow 11 women who, having met one another for the first time at an Italian masseria, will lock lips before even saying hello.

They’re then paired up and, every few days, decide whether they want to stay with their partner or try someone else out for size. Those left flying solo at the end of the coupling ceremony face a one-way ticket home.

Now, the 11 girls looking for love have been revealed, and the cast list includes a fire breather, a professional footballer and the drummer in a Scottish rock band.

Let’s meet them. 

Georgia, 28, professional footballer

I Kissed A Girl contestant Georgia. (BBC)

Professional footballer Georgia, from North Yorkshire, has had to putting dating on the back burner in the past because of her high-flying career. She’s played since she was eight years old, and has appeared for Sheffield United Women, Durham Women and, currently, Rugby Borough.

She’s interested in “femme girls with a bit of an edge” who understand football but have their own life goals. And she has a penchant for crying on TV, apparently.

Demi, 23, publishing executive

I Kissed A Girl contestant Demi. (BBC)

Self-declared “baby gay” Demi, from Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, has never been in a relationship. She says she’s more drawn to people’s “vibes” than their looks, which will be interesting considering she has to kiss someone without speaking to them first.

She says she was able to be “100 per cent unapologetically” herself in the Italian farm house, but struggled with coming out originally – her family are of Nigerian heritage, and her dad found her sexuality difficult to accept.

Fiorenza, 22, drummer

I Kissed A Girl contestant Fiorenza. (BBC)

Fiorenza, based in Glasgow, is a chef and the drummer in band The Uninvited, which is best known for winning Radio 1’s Live Lounge Introducing Search in 2022. 

She describes herself as a “softie” who is categorically unable to be a player, despite what many people assume when they first meet her. If you’re down on your lingo, she’s what you might call a “golden retriever lesbian” – someone who falls in love hard and worships at the feet of their partner.

Cara, 25, support worker

I Kissed A Girl contestant Cara. (BBC)

Bisexual support worker cum aesthetician Cara describes featuring on I Kissed a Girl as the “opportunity of a life time”, considering she comes from a the small town in Northern Ireland. She’s got few lesbian friends and is still finding her feet when it comes to dating. However, she’s known for being the life of the party, so she’s likely to fit right in.

Lisha, 22, psychology undergraduate

I Kissed A Girl contestant Lisha. (BBC)

Lisha from Caernarfon, in Gwynedd, Wales, has been a “tomboy” since childhood, and loves a game of football – so it seems likely she and Georgia will get on well. She typically goes for feminine girls, and prefers taking on the dominant role in a relationship. But she’s keen to express her feminine side, too.

Meg, 24, fire breather

I Kissed A Girl contestant Meg. (BBC)

Red-hot Yorkshire lass Meg promises to bring the “heat” into I Kissed A Girl. Although she sees herself as a “home body”, she spends her time travelling the world in her wild career as a fire breather. She describes herself as bisexual with a “preference towards women” and is looking for someone who “matches her energy” and is willing to settle down.

Naee, 25, Engineer

I Kissed A Girl contestant Naee. (BBC)

Naee is proud to be representing masculine lesbians of colour, who are rarely seen on TV. 

She spends her work hours fixing the rides at some of London’s top tourist attractions, and when it comes to dating, she’s only interested in finding a femme girl who she can treat as a “princess”. She’s close to her family, and says she’s grateful for how accepting they are, considering their Jamaican heritage.

Abbie, 24, makeup artist and hair stylist

Abbie is a Brighton-based girly who thrives in the city’s lively queer scene. She owns a hair salon and is super feminine, to the point that she finds herself continually having to come out, because people don’t tend to think she’s a lesbian.

I Kissed A Girl contestant Abbie. (BBC)

She’s interested in sporty, masc girls and wants to be “treated like a princess” – if she can become a WAG one day, that would be a plus.

Amy, 24, social media manager

I Kissed A Girl contestant Amy. (BBC)

Surrey social media manager Amy promises “boots, boobs and a boat-load of banter”. She’s a “hopeless romantic” who has two sisters, both of whom are also lesbians – although Amy describes herself as “a gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body”.

She’s fun, flamboyant and femme, and is attracted to similar girls. 

Priya, 23, hotel customer service

I Kissed A Girl contestant Priya. (BBC)

Self-confessed “daddy’s girl” and Newport resident Priya wants to bring queer South Asian representation to the BBC. She’s opinionated, confident and nicknamed “Priyoncé” by her loved ones, because she’s a supreme diva.

She’s struggled to find queer women to connect with in South Wales, but knows when she does find someone, she’s likely to fall fast.

Eva, 22, fashion graduate

I Kissed A Girl contestant Eve. (BBC)

Belfast belle Eva is set to shake things up on I Kissed A Girl, because she’s a surprise late arrival. She describes herself as “the biggest flirt going”, with both masc and femme energy. Plus, she has a love of football, so she’s likely to be of interest to quite a few girls in the masseria, which will be interesting, considering they’ll all be paired up by the time she arrives.

I Kissed A Girl will be narrated by lesbian TikTok comedian and presenter Charley Marlowe, who has promised truck-loads of “drama”.

The ground-breaking series follows last year’s PinkNews-Award-winning I Kissed A Boy, also fronted by Minogue, with a voice-over by Strictly Come Dancing star Layton Williams.

The first two episodes will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 5 May. Following episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday from 9pm.

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