Google’s troubled new AI feature just invented a gay Star Wars character called… Slurpy Faggi

Google’s new AI Overview feature was rolled out to users this week, and one of the questions it has been called upon to answer since its launch is: “Are there gay Star Wars characters?”

Unfortunately, it seems like the feature still has a lot of bugs, as instead of giving an accurate response, the tool instead appears to have invented two gay Star Wars characters called – buckle up, because this is a wild and pretty offensive ride – Slurpy Faggi and his boyfriend, Dr. Butto.

genuinely have no idea if this is true

— matt (@computer_gay) May 23, 2024

According to a screenshot shared by an X user called @computer_gay, the AI Overview tool responded to his Star Wars query with: “Yes, there are some LGBTQ+ characters in the Star Wars franchise, including characters who are openly gay, lesbian, or androgynous.” This is true.

It went on to give an example of a gay character: “Slurpy Faggi: The first openly gay character in Star Wars. Slurpy is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend, Dr. Butto.” This is not true.

This isn’t the first time the new AI Overview tool has returned questionable information (to say the least).

A few days ago, the tool returned a now-viral answer to a question about how best to ensure that cheese sticks to pizza. The AI answer suggested using glue in the tomato sauce… a “solution” that we want to make absolutely clear we do not recommend.

Google is dead beyond comparison

— PixelButts (@PixelButts) May 22, 2024

Internet sleuths did a bit of digging, and discovered that the suggestion seemed to have originated from an 11-year old Reddit post by a user called “F**ksmith”.

The advice seemed to originate from this 11-year old Reddit post (Reddit)

Also, Gizmodo reports that the tool is bringing up false historical information that would instantly make any student fail their midterms.

If you ask “which U.S. president went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison”, the AI bot will answer that 13 presidents have done that, but then it goes on to claim that those 13 presidents attained 59 different degrees, mostly after they died. Gizmodo gives the example of 17th president Andrew Johnson, who apparently earned several degrees between 1947 and 2012, even though he died in 1875.

Slurpy Faggi and Dr. Butto

Is R2D2 actually Dr. Butto? (Lucasfilm)

Let’s be honest: this is all pretty funny, particularly if you’re not a fan of AI and like to see job-stealing robots fail at things. However, the Star Wars AI answer might be funnier if it didn’t include the “f*g” slur.

It’s not clear if this answer (like the Elmer’s glue pizza advice) originated from Reddit or another online forum like 4Chan or Tumblr, but it’s certainly pretty dumb and juvenile.

Naturally, X/Twitter responded the way it usually does, with lots of jokes. One person tweeted: “That’s what they called me in highschool”. Another shared a photo of C-3P0 and R2D2, captioning it: “Wasn’t it obvious?”

A third referenced the fact that Star Wars creator George Lucas invented a fictional type of music known as “jizz“, so they wouldn’t put it past him to create Slurpy and Butto.

Star Wars heroes Finn and Poe are famously not gay. (Disney)

The AI Overview feature is powered by Google’s AI tool Gemini, intended to be Google’s answer to Chat-GPT.

Gemini was developed as part of Project Astra. The Project Astra website says that the goal is to develop “AI agents that can quickly process multimodal information, reason about the context you’re in, and respond to questions at a conversational pace, making interactions feel much more natural.”

Google also boast that “with a score of 90.0%, Gemini Ultra is the first model to outperform human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding).”

However, based on this initial test, it seems we’d best hang on to at least a few human experts for now – unless we want to spend the next few years eating glue-flavoured pizza and failing history tests.

PinkNews has reached out to Google’s press team for comment.

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