Gentleman Jack: 11 gifts for the fan in your life including a replica of Anne Lister’s ring

Gentleman Jack recently returned to our screens for its much-anticipated second season.

The series tells the story of Anne Lister – who is known as “the first modern lesbian”, and her relationship with Ann Walker.

Born in 1791, Lister famously wrote secret diaries – which were later decoded – about her lesbian relationships, travelling the world and her upper-class life at Shibden Hall.

In the BBC series viewers see Lister, who is portrayed by Suranne Jones, live in Halifax, Yorkshire and set her own rules against societal expectations.

Since the series first aired in 2019 its found a legion of fans, some of who have been inspired to come out, and received a number of award nominations.

If you’re a fan of the series or someone in your life is, then there’s some amazing merch you can get that pays homage to Anne Lister and Gentleman Jack.

We’ve put together a list of the some of the best products you can buy below.

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Fans can buy a replica of Anne Lister’s Onyx Ring. (Etsy/StefansUnitedKingdom)

This one will be popular among fans of the series, as you can get a replica of the Onyx Ring, worn by Suranne Jones in the show. It’s a silver band with a black gem, and is inspired by the one worn by the character on her index finger.

It’s priced at £68 on Etsy here and fans who’ve previously bought it are pretty happy, with one reviewer saying, “of course I had to get this iconic piece”, and another writing, “it’s more beautiful than I imagined”.

A print of Suranne Jones in Gentleman Jack. (Etsy/RyanRigbyArt)

You can get this stunning print of Suranne Jones as Anne Lister in the series from Etsy here. The design features the character in her signature top hat and jacket, which she wears walking around Halifax, dismantling gender norms of the time. It’s priced at £15 and available in a number of sizes.

A Gentleman Jack-inspired journal. (Etsy/ListerwickPress)

Fans can get this Gentleman Jack-inspired journal. It features illustrations of and quotes from Anne Lister throughout it, as well as space for you to write you own accounts of your day-to-day life – whether you do it openly or in code like Lister is up to you. It also includes her code at the back of the diary for reference. One reviewer says it’s “perfect” for any fan of the series. You can get it for £15 from Etsy here.

A keyring inspired by the series. (Etsy/PowerUpPins)

This keyring reads “What Would Anne Lister Do?” featuring a design inspired by the character and real-life person. It would make the perfect gift for a fan of the series and you can also get a matching pin from the same seller. They’re available individually or as a set, with prices starting from £4.95 and you can get them from Etsy here.

A pin inspired by Anne Lister and Ann Walker. (Etsy/ButchandSissy)

This sweetheart-style pin pays tribute to Anne Lister and Ann Walker, who had a relationship in the 1830s. Their relationship was the basis of many of her diary entries, which was in code, so others wouldn’t discover the romance which was forbidden at the time. If you’re a fan of Anne and Ann then you can rep this pin which is available from Etsy here.

A cute rainbow badge. (Etsy/longdogcraft)

You can get this cute rainbow badge featuring Anne Lister’s iconic top hat, because gay rights! This is one of the cheapest merch items on this list at £1.50 so you won’t have to break the bank to make a Gentleman Jack’s fan’s day. You can buy it from Etsy here.

A mug featuring an illustration of Anne Lister. (Etsy/CraftyBirdieDesigns)

This mug features an original hand drawn illustration of Anne Lister, alongside a “Gentleman Jack” name tag.

The other side features a quote from Lister’s diaries, reading: “My manners are certainly peculiar, not all masculine but rather softly gentleman-like”. The mug is priced at £10.95 and you can buy it from Etsy here.

A Pride-themed print. (Etsy/CustardCreate)

This artwork features a design of Suranne Jones as Anne Lister alongside the colours of the Pride flag. It’s been created by an indepednent artist, who is also based in Halifax, where the BBC series is set. The print is priced at £10 and you can buy it from Etsy here.

A tote bag featuring Shibden Hall. (Etsy/ListerwickPress)

Tote bags scream “gay rights”, so what better than one that pays homage to Anne Lister. This one features a print of Shibden Hall, the estate that she inherited and features throughout the series.

This one is priced at £9 and you can buy it from Etsy here. One reviewer wrote: “A perfect bag for any fan of Anne Lister”.

A Gentleman Jack tote bag. (Etsy/RooWaterhouseArt)

Another tote bag you can get is this one, which features a print of a bookshelf that’s home to Lister’s iconic diaries and other works. This is an ideal gift for any fans of the series, and it’s practical. You can buy it for £15 from Etsy here.

A vinyl sticker featuring one of the show’s quotes. (Etsy/CraftsByGardner)

This vinyl sticker features one of the show’s popular quotes: “I rise above it”, alongside Lister’s signature top hat. It’s priced from £2.69 and you can get it from Etsy here to decorate something in your life, from laptops to phones and more.

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