Gay couple makes history with the first same-sex wedding in Greece

A gay couple have made history with their wedding, which marked the first gay wedding in Greece since the country legalised same-sex marriage and adoption.

According to local outlet TVA News, Stavros Gavriliadis and Dimitris Elefsiniotis made their vows in Nea Smyrni, South Athens on 2 March with the blessing of the Mayor.

Their family and friends were said to have attended the wedding, while Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reached out to send his congratulations to the pair following the historic day

Gavriliadis and Elefsiniotis have been together for 20 years, share three children, and voted in favour of the marriage equality bill, which led to the country becoming the first country with a Christian Orthodox majority to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption.

Gavriliadis also said that now they are married, he will be formally adopting his husband’s twins. According to the outlet, the pair said: “Finally we will become a family with two surnames.”

Their wedding notice which is required by law in Greece was published in a newspaper just hours after the legislation was passed.

“Dimitrios Eleusiniotis of Spyridon and Anna, of the Vylliotis family born in Salamina Attica and resident in Nea Smyrni Attica and Stavros Gavriliadis of Christos and Eugenia, of the Dross family, born in Athens Attica and resident of Nea Smyrrni, will come to a wedding that will be held in Attica’s Nea Smyrni”, their wedding announcement said.

After the law was passed, LGBTQ+ couples around the world have begun to express interest in marrying in the picturesque country, with a gay couple from Australia being expected to be the first to marry on the island of Rhodes.

The unnamed same-sex couple have contacted the registry office on the fourth-largest island in Greece to express their interest in marrying there, and could finally get their Mamma Mia! Moment.

The couple who hail from Down Under are yet to confirm a date they’d like to tie the knot, but their wedding will mark a historic moment for the island in furthering LGBTQ+ rights once it does transpire.

According to local outlet, the men are looking forward to having a civil ceremony on the island famous for its idyllic beach resorts and ancient ruins. 

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