First reviews for X-Men ’97 praise ‘phenomenal’ animated series

X-Men ’97, the Disney+ continuation of Marvel’s 90s cartoon classic X-Men: The Animated Series, has been branded “phenomenal” by critics in early reviews.

Focused on iconic characters like Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Rogue and more, and featuring several original cast members, X-Men ’97 will follow the rag-tag group of societal outcasts after the events of X-Men: The Animated Series.

Despite a fairly shadowy exit for creator Beau DeMayo just days before X-Men ’97‘s release date (March 20), and backlash from right-wing trolls that a mutant named Morph is set to be non-binary (yes, people can have blue fur and wings, but being non-binary is where they draw the line), the first reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

Ahead of X-Men ’97 arriving on Disney+ on Wednesday 20 March the first few episodes of the animation have been previewed at a special event, and journalists and viewers have taken to X (FKA Twitter) to assure audiences assured that their beloved supes are in good hands.

As well as being called “fresh and x-traordinary”, the series has been praised as “the definitive incarnation” of the X-Men – something that die hard fans will be thrilled to hear.

#XMen97 is a FRESH and X-TRAORDINARY revival of one of the most iconic animated series ever. I watched 3 episodes, all with ASTONISHING animation, terrific team dynamics, and banger soundtrack. This is the DEFINITIVE incarnation of the X-Men and a must watch for fans old and new.

— Daniel Baptista • The Movie Podcast (@dbapz) March 14, 2024

#Xmen97 is PURE X-MEN HYPE! It captures the essence of what made the original series legendary while infusing it with MIND-BLOWING animation, a captivating storyline, and a mature tone. The first three episodes are highly satisfying, marking a NEW ERA for our beloved outcasts.

— Anthony • The Movie Podcast (@AJGaliardi) March 14, 2024

#XMen97 is E-X-CELLENT! A mature, familiar continuation of the beloved show. The first 3 episodes honour the comic storylines & provide gripping cliffhangers. Animation like this comes once a generation.

Boy, does it feel good to hear that WICKED theme song again!

— Shahbaz The Movie Podcast (@shayhbaz) March 14, 2024

X-Men ’97 reportedly provides “pure X-Men hype”, while paying dedicated homage to the original series with “mind-blowing animation”, a “captivating storyline” and “a mature tone.”

One of many reviewers to highlight how good it feels to hear the iconic original series’ iconic theme tune also added that “animation like this comes once in a generation”.

I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of #XMen97, and this show understood the assignment. It excels as a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, boasting improved animation and storytelling, but still feeling like a proper continuation. And yes, the opening credits continue to slap!

— Adam Holmes (@MrAdamHolmes) March 14, 2024

I think what I enjoyed the most about the first three episodes of X-Men ’97 was keeping that sense of epic, long-form storytelling. They are not only building off of the previous five seasons, but they are clearly setting up huge season-long arcs if not even longer! #XMen97

— Jeffrey Harris (@Wheeljack83) March 14, 2024

#xmen97 is perfect. Everything we loved about the original series but better. They go deep into the X-men lore . My jaw dropped multiple times and it goes all in. I can’t want for the rest of the series. #xmen

— jezzerzeus (@jezzerzeus) March 14, 2024

Other reviewers have described the series as everything from “nuts” to “epic,” and praised X-Men ’97‘s dedication to setting up longer-form story arcs, just like the original series.

And, in a win for gays tirsting over Wolverine and sapphics thirsting over Storm everywhere, the series is “also pretty horny”.

One reviewer wrote: “One of the men was in a crop top at one point and EVERYONE gasped.”

#XMen97 is freaking NUTS. I knew very little about the #XMen but the series completely blew me away & I’m a diehard fan now. My favorite thing is the show is also pretty horny??

They know what the people want. One of the men was in a crop top at one point and EVERYONE gasped

— Jorgie (they/he) (@BaguetteReviews) March 14, 2024

I was a bit worried about #XMen97 after a clunky and overly familiar premiere, but episodes 2 and 3 really cook. It builds on the foundation of the OG series and takes the team – especially Magneto and Storm – in some surprising directions. And that theme still RIPS!

— Amon Warmann (@AmonWarmann) March 14, 2024

#XMen97 is PHENOMENAL! It seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern animation, capturing the essence of the beloved ’90s series with a fresh perspective. The action and fight scenes are INCREDIBLE! Everything feels upgraded but still familiar. Get ready, Bub. This one cuts deep!

— Justin Lawrence | Geekcentric (@helloimjlaw) March 14, 2024

X-Men ’97 will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday 20 March with its first two episodes. The remainder of the ten-episode first season will release weekly until 15 May.

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