Everything you need to know about new Great British Sewing Bee host Kiell Smith-Bynoe

Ghosts and Stats Lets Flats star Kiell Smith-Bynoe is the new host of the BBC’s wholesome The Great British Sewing Bee. Let’s find out more about him, including if he has a partner.

The 35-year-old actor, who was a contestant on the 2021 Christmas special, will be stepping into the shoes of Sara Pascoe while she’s on leave after the birth of her second son. 

It has been announced that Kiell Smith-Bynoe will host not only series 10 but also the Sewing Bee’s Christmas special.

Judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young return for the show’s 10th series. 

The Bee is back.

The Great British Sewing Bee returns Tuesday 21st May at 9pm on BBC One. #SewingBee pic.twitter.com/cr7oeksAbr

— Sewing Bee (@sewingbee) May 8, 2024

Sewing Bee, a spin-off of The Great British Bake Off’s format, sees 12 amateur sewers compete in haberdashery challenges to be crowned Britain’s best home seamster.

With Smith-Bynoe back on our TV screens in a hosting capacity, you may want to know about the life of this talented and hilarious London-born star. 

Smith-Bynoe got his start in the acting and comedy world around 2012 with the YouTube web series Diary of a Bad Man. His first professional role was in the same year in the crime drama series Whitechapel.

He has also gone on to star in the comedy Man Like Mobeen as well as Sky Atlantic comedy drama Dreamland.

He’s arguably best known for playing Mike Cooper in the BAFTA-nominated sitcom Ghosts, which ended at the end of last year after five series, as well as long-suffering letting agent Dean in Jamie Demetriou’s hit series Stath Lets Flats.

Who is Kiell Smith-Bynoe’s partner?

Smith-Bynoe has not shared details about his sexuality or relationship, but he has hinted about his dating life. 

In a Guardian interview last year, it was confirmed that Kiell Smith-Bynoe has a partner and lives in London. 

When asked “How often do you have sex?” Smith-Bynoe responded by saying “Regularly.” Honestly, good for him. 

He was also asked what his most treasured possession is and he revealed it was a pendant that was given to Kiell Smith-Bynoe by a former partner.

“A chain with a pendant of the masks of tragedy and comedy. An ex gave it to me and then I lost it,” Smith-Bynoe explained.

“I searched for the exact chain and pendant for about a year, and I bought it and ordered it to their house, so they could give it to me again.”

Kiell Smith-Bynoe’s parents and family

It’s very clear Smith-Bynoe has a deep love for his family and heritage. 

“Smith-Bynoe was raised by his mum, who moved to London in 1961 when she was nine, and later took on the role of matriarch to her own brothers,” an inews interview with the actor stated. 

He has spoken about the fact that his mother took him to Barbados during each school summer holiday, but it was only in adulthood that he understood why his mother loved the Caribbean so much.

“I think my mum deserves to be in Barbados in the sun and not having to deal with, like, the state of this country, and also the weather, and all of those sorts of worries.” 

Was Kiell Smith-Bynoe on Taskmaster?

Smith-Bynoe was a Taskmaster contestant in 2023. The game show sees five comedian contestants take on various bizarre and ridiculous challenges, hosted by Alex Horne and Greg Davies.

The comedian was a Series 15 contestant, he finished as a runner-up on the show. He appeared alongside Dara O Briain, Morgana Robinson, Sarah Kendall and Sophie Duker.

In 2024, he then returned for the Champion of Champions special. He stepped in as the Series 15 winner, Mae Martin, was unable to attend filming due to a scheduling conflict.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Mae Martin‘s friendship

With the announcement that Mae Martin wouldn’t be able to compete in the Champion of Champions special, they released a statement to confirm they would be absent. 

The acclaimed non-binary comedian and Feel Good star shared: “I would love nothing more than to fight for the title of ultimate champion, and spend another week of my life being ridiculed by Greg. I am, however, confident in the choice to send Kiell to fight on my behalf.”

“He is an agile and profoundly competitive young man, and also much much cooler and funnier than me, so we should have it in the bag.”

“I have sent some surprises so that my presence is felt. Good luck Kiell, I am holding my breath from the U.S. and rooting for you.”

Smith-Bynoe then commented: “As if it wasn’t enough pressure representing the whole of black Britain in S15 now I have to represent the entire nation of Canada in Champion of Champions. I’ve never even been. I didn’t even win my series. Look I’ll try alright.” 

After the Taskmaster show aired, Martin posted on Instagram: “I have watched @taskmaster Champion of Champions, teeth gritted and fists balled, the most intense FOMO I have ever felt, and all in all I am FULLY behind my friend @klayzeflaymz and in support of all of his decisions. Especially his epic Mae Martin hockey jersey.”

Martin spotted Smith-Bynoe’s use of a puppet made by their dad adding: “Also thrilled that @thejameschatto’s Alex Horne puppet was given his rightful time to shine.”

“Hoping and praying I still get let in to Canada,” Smith-Bynoe responded. 

The Great British Sewing Bee is on BBC One on Tuesday at 9pm. The show is also available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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