Drag Race UK viewers devastated by latest elimination: ‘Worst decision in herstory’

Drag Race UK season five is already nearing its end, and the top four queens have officially been decided – but one fan favourite failed to make the cut, and viewers are distraught.

(Warning, spoilers follow).

In episode eight, which aired yesterday (16 November), the remaining five queens had to take on the classic drag family resemblance challenge, this time giving drag makeovers to volunteers for the UK’s Switchboard LGBT+ helpline.

Sadly, the Drag Race UK makeover has historically been the kiss of death for season fan favourites, with Cheryl Hole and Dakota Schiffer getting chopped in season one and four respectively.

In season five, that trend continued, as comedy icon, confessional queen and infamous runway liar Kate Butch was sent home.

Drag Race UK season 5 star Kate Butch. (BBC)

This week, it was Michael Marouli who impressed judges RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and designer Daphne Guinness the most, after being paired with 65-year-old builder, Peter.

The pair paid tribute to the victims of the AIDS crisis, with Peter emotionally revealing that he lost two former partners to the disease. In terms of their makeover, Michael was praised by Michelle for looking the “best” she’d ever looked, thanks to her softening her make-up.

Three-time RuPeter badge winner Ginger Johnson also placed high after receiving very positive critiques from the judges – and even more positive critiques from the viewers – while Eurovision star Tomara Thomas was deemed safe.

this might actually be one of my favorite makeover challenge looks ever #dragraceuk pic.twitter.com/sMyL3iRu1J

— ray (@mascarayde) November 16, 2023

Unfortunately, that left Buxton babe Kate Butch and Kent queen DeDeLicious in the bottom two, battling it out via a lip-sync to “This Hell” by pansexual pop princess Rina Sawayama.

Kate was ultimately told to sashay away, before hilariously quipping to RuPaul: “You can’t fire me, I quit! Oh sh*t, too slow.”

Another iconic moment from Kate Butch! Thank yew #DragRaceUk pic.twitter.com/00J06mCDvq

— I FEEL VERY ATTACKED #TeamTomaraThomas (@rpdrmoments_) November 16, 2023

thank you SO MUCH for all the love and support!! BUT I was at peace with my elimination before it even actually happened, even more so now it’s been 10 months since it was filmed. PLEASE don’t send any hate to my dear friend Deidre Licious who I love a lot and am so proud of xx

— Kate Butch (@thekatebutch) November 17, 2023

Thanks to her endless wit, ample charm and crusty runway looks, Kate had become one of the most beloved queens in Drag Race UK history, and her untimely elimination has stung the fandom – a lot.

The worst decision in #DragRaceUK herstory tonight pic.twitter.com/RzOIhMVm7p

— Jemz Thomson (@Jemzamia) November 16, 2023

Ru sent home the wrong person #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/PA2LddHg1f

— YINRUN FOR THE WINRUN (@irldom) November 16, 2023

not the fan favourite of the season being eliminated on the makeover challenge AGAIN #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/vLTW1xnr6N

— Kalle (@karlhjort_) November 16, 2023

The only correct outcome after tonight’s #DragRaceUK @thekatebutch

— Charlie Slays (@rpdrukfans) November 16, 2023

Me everyday for the next month after THAT #DragRaceUK elimination

— Charlie Slays (@rpdrukfans) November 16, 2023

i HATEEEE these “family resemblance” makeover challenges because what exactly do these judges want??? like they don’t want exact same looks but then they don’t want different looks?? idk it’s just very vague to judge #dragraceuk pic.twitter.com/WWu8GFmPxS

— ray (@mascarayde) November 16, 2023

Coming to terms with that elimination #dragraceukpic.twitter.com/F5tROvxFVV

— KYLE (@ItsThatEM) November 16, 2023

Some fans have gone as far as to claim that the lip-sync was edited favourably for DeDeLicious, even though Kate was “killing it”.

Others are furious that season fives most comedic queen was eliminated before next week’s comedy roast challenge.

Not the edit removing Kate Butch from the lip sync because they know she’s killing it. #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/VNAgrGkfIg

— Hiro Evangelista (@EvangelistaHiro) November 17, 2023

sending Kate butch home before the roast… okay… #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/Z6UBx2JeJh

— robyn ellis (10 hour version) (@robyn3llis) November 16, 2023

How the roast will play out is yet to be seen, but the real question is: which queens will make it to the top three?

Tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race UK on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Thursday 23 November to find out.

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