Dolly Parton ‘to explore shock British roots in new TV series’

Country music legend and honorary drag queen Dolly Parton is reportedly set to head to the UK to explore her Welsh ancestry.

According to reports, the 78-year-old “Jolene” hitmaker and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member is in talks to release a four-part documentary about her family living in Wales and her Welsh heritage.

Speaking to The Sun, Parton’s niece, singer Jada Star, said that the documentary is currently in the works.

“Dolly is releasing a four-part docu-series about our roots and where we come from. There’ll be lots of footage from over there,” Star explained.

Dolly Parton will be swapping Tennessee for Talgarth, it would seem.

According to the BBC, Parton, who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, has addressed her Welsh heritage previously.

Dolly Parton. (Getty)

She reportedly told fans at a show back in 2008 in Cardiff that she has Welsh ancestors on her mother’s side. Parton’s mother Avie Lee Owens died in December 2003.

Parton later followed up the claim by explaining to Wales Online that she is a big fan of the country.

“Some of my mother’s people, the Owens, are from there (Wales),” she said.

“I’ve been there about three times and it always feels good because it feels like family.”

It’s currently not clear when or on which channel the documentary about Dolly Parton’s secret Welsh life will air.

While the music superstar is an international icon with almost 50 studio albums under her belt, she is yet to have a number one record or single in the UK.

Out of 49 albums, only five have hit the UK top ten. 

After spilling the tea about her aunt’s upcoming documentary plan, Star then reflected on what it’s like having the Dolly Parton as close family.

“Dolly is exactly as you would imagine her as an aunt,” she shared.  “I have never seen her unglammed in my life. She never wears slippers.

“Even when she’s lounging around her own house in PJ’s she still wears Fredericks fluffy Marabou high heel slip-ons.”

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