Diplo’s fully naked era continues with new Instagram thirst trap

After marking the start of Pride month with a rainbow-themed nude image, DJ and music producer Diplo has posted another naked thirst trap on social media, this time with decidedly chillier staging.

Diplo, best-known for producing bangers such as “Where Are U Now”, by Justin Bieber, “Genius”, featuring Labrinth and Sia, and a new collaboration with Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue called “Midnight Ride”, is no stranger to getting his kit off.

Following a Pride month post which showed him sitting on the ground fully naked, with a rainbow edited to look like it was bursting from his private parts, he’s bared all once again, this time posting on his Instagram during an Alaskan hike.

The caption reads: “Sun never went down but the moon came out… love u, Alaska,” referring to both his tan-lined peach and where the photo was taken.

The nude was one of a number of shots included in the post, the rest of which featured other views of his outdoor adventure, including videos of a gig at the Sundown Alaska Music & Arts Festival – but honestly, who cares?

“Stop breaking the internet, dude,” one fan requested, and another joked that given the temperatures in Alaska, “I bet the front didn’t look as good as the back.”

Another fan asked: “Who else swiped nine times to see if there was another nude?” alongside a polite request for Diplo to “put some pants on” – we can’t say we agree with the last bit.

Someone else simply wrote: “I’m on PrEP.”

The post has been liked nearly 170,000 times – with one from Drag Race star Symone.

Diplo addressed his sexuality last year, terming himself “not not gay,” while speaking to Emily Ratajkowski on her High Low podcast.

“I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before. For sure, 100 [per cent], yeah. I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know. I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay.”

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