Diplo shares fully nude photo with rainbow emitting from his private parts to celebrate Pride

Diplo is opening up in more ways than one for Pride month after sharing a nude picture of himself with an interestingly placed rainbow arch.

The music producer and DJ celebrated the beginning of Pride month on Sunday (1 June) with an Instagram post of him naked, legs spread, looking over a mountain ridge into the ocean.

And yes, there’s a rainbow radiating from his private area.

“Happy pride month,” the post reads. “See [you tomorrow] at Out Loud.”

The producer, who worked on songs like Sia’s “Elastic Heart” is no stranger to showing off his nude body to his dumbfounded fans, having posted a picture of his bare behind in April for no reason In particular.

Users reacted to his latest post with a mix of confusion and even more confusion, while others said the post warranted an “instant unfollow.”

Others noted that it’s very unlikely Diplo is going to lose sleep over the reaction, with one user saying: “Do you really think Diplo cares?”

LGBTQ+ country music singer, Orville Peck, responded to the post saying: “This reminds me of the night we met.”

Others, including Paris Hilton and TikTok group The Old Gays, responded with a simple set of rainbow emojis.

Diplo has said that he’s received oral sex from men in the past. (Getty)

Diplo addressed his sexuality in an interview in March 2023, saying he’s “not not gay,” while speaking to Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast, High Low.

“I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before,” he said. “For sure. 100 [per cent], yeah.”

When asked if he had a “specific memory” of his queer experiences in the past, he said: “I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know.

“I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think.”

During a subsequent interview, Orville Peck said that no one should “police” his sexuality.

“He is a very sweet guy and he’s very open-minded, and I think he – just like any of us in the world – should be allowed the freedom and the space to explore whoever he is going to be or wants to be,” he said.

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