Daughter of Cameroon president comes out and announces she’s dating Brazilian model Layyons Valença

The daughter of Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, has shared that she’s dating Brazilian model Layyons Valença, despite the fact same-sex sexual activity is criminalised in Cameroon. 

Brenda Biya officially came out as LGBTQ+ on her Instagram account @KingNastyy on 30 June, sharing a picture of her kissing her girlfriend.

Cameroon criminalises LGBTQ+ activity; a crime punishable with up to five years in prison and a fine. LGBTQ+ people in the country are frequently subjected to discrimination. 

In 2022, a civil society group tracked a rise in violence and abuse against LGBTQ+ people in Cameroon. 

Brenda captioned the photo of her and Layyons: “PS: I’m crazy about you & I want the world to know.”

One commenter reminded her that her father is Paul Biya, the long-running president of Cameroon, where it is prohibited to be LGBTQ+. 

In response, she wrote, as reported by Cameroon News Agency: “Nobody will have anything to say because only love shall win. 

“I don’t condone hate, I think the mentality should change, but it will change once the people are ready.” 

The comments on the Instagram post now appear to have been turned off.

The 26-year-old Cameroonian first daughter is also featured in Valença’s TikTok videos.

People have questioned if Brenda Biya will be prosecuted under Cameroon‘s anti-LGBTQ+ law, with one person writing on X/Twitter that the law is only “for the poor”. 

The law is for the poor

— NWENEZ Baby (@Adavictori70098) July 2, 2024

She’s 100% ok. Nobody will touch her. Anti-gay laws in Africa are not for rich people.

— Uju Anya (@UjuAnya) July 2, 2024

Others have praised her bravery in coming out and standing with the marginalised LGBTQ+ community. 

Bree is amazing for coming out. We love to see it!!

— Sirry (@ProfAlang) July 2, 2024

Another supporter said they were “proud of her” for going public with her relationship.

Proud of her

— KING SOLOMON / DIGITAL MARKETER (@kingsolomonadun) July 2, 2024

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