Comedian Jim Norton and trans wife Nikki hilariously open up about their marriage

Comedian Jim Norton and his wife Nikki Norton, who is trans, certainly make for a hilarious duo!

Jim, known for his brutally honest comedic chops, is a 55-year-old New Jersey native who is best known for his stand-up, the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts radio show and The Chip Chipperson Podcast.

While Jim is still on top of his comedic game, his wife Nikki, a 26-year-old trans woman from Norway, can very much hold her own and keep up with Jim. In fact, it could even be said she gets laughs that rival his. 

Together, the married couple recently launched a YouTube channel, Nikki and Jim, where they upload content that captures moments in their life – it also hosts a video podcast.

While the world of comedy has targeted trans individuals in recent years, it’s refreshing to see this couple bucking the trend and speaking openly and honestly about the lived experience of transgender people.

“The important thing is that people actually like it for what it is, which is just two people showing you a piece of their lives,” Jim told Forbes.

“We’re not trying to convince people politically to do this or to do that. We don’t care.

“We just want them to judge us on watching us and whether they like it or not, just by what they’re seeing.”

They recently appeared on First Date with Lauren Compton, where they demonstrated that together they are a hysterical pairing.  

Here are some of the pair’s funniest moments and lines from the interview:

They want kids… or a dog

The pair are hilarious as they discuss the possibilities of being parents to children… or a dog.

When asked if they see kids in their future, Jim responds: “we’re working on a dog.”

Nikki shares that she wants children, especially a daughter: “I think it’s weird if I picture myself being 50 with no kids, that’s very weird. Then you’re going to be 80 when you’re 50.”

Jim cracks up at her bluntness before noting that he would get a dog if Nikki would walk it.

Nikki jumps in to declare: “I will walk it! I’m so ready for a dog because I don’t have a job, I don’t do anything, the dog is going to be my purpose.”

Their unconventional pairing

The pair note that it is their differences that unite them.

Speaking about their relationship, Jim sweetly declares: “She makes me laugh, even the she’s cranky. I definitely married the right person.”

Nikki adds “a lot of people don’t get it.”

Jim notes that he believes their popularity is due to their uniqueness. “You don’t see married couples like us, where one partner is transgender and the other is not” he stated. 

“It’s the same. We fight about the same sh*t. It’s not this earth-shattering different thing.”

Somewhat hilariously, Nikki then steers the conversation into new territory and announces that Jim “hasn’t had p***y since he married me.”

Reading the comments

After confessing to reading comments and DMs, Nikki noted: “I don’t feel as offended as I thought I would be.”

“Most people are like ‘you’re a man!’ You’re not going to tell me I look ugly? I think they know that I look hot and not to be on my high horse, that’s reality and they don’t have a lot to attack me on.”

Jim continues that he doesn’t read comments. “I like that they’re shouting into a room and to being heard.”

However, both do emphasise that the nice comments they receive overwhelm any hate. 

Throwing up after the proposal

Jim recounts how he proposed during a vacation in Vancouver, Canada. He noted that he got down on one knee with a ring: the traditional method.

“I wanted to be more traditional because so much about our life is untraditional,” Jim said.

“Then I have a photo of her two hours later vomiting into a bucket. She got food poisoning or something… you realised who you said yes to and threw up.”

The pair announced their marriage publicly on Instagram in October 2023.

Nikki is obsessed with Bergdorf Goodman

Nikki recounts that upon moving to the US, she was enamoured by Macy’s but then came across Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store known for high-end and very pricey designer products.

Nikki remembers her first time at Bergdorf: “The lady in the first section was like ‘do you want champagne?’ and I was like ‘YES!’”

Then, speaking about the fact they did a city hall wedding and wanted to throw a wedding party, Compton offered: “They have great wedding dresses in Bergdorf.”

Nikki’s eyes light up at the mention! “I’m glad that’s been established,” Jim sarcastically replies.

You can watch other episodes of First Date With Lauren Compton here.

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