Big Brother presenter Will Best is true series winner after achieving gay pin-up status

Gays of the internet are in mourning as the Big Brother 2023 final looms – not necessarily over the series ending, but because they won’t get to thirst over host Will Best every day.

Alongside some incredible trans representation, a steamy queer love triangle, fiery arguments and endless memes, this series of Big Brother has provided a daily dose of eye candy in the shape of host Will Best.

While his co-presenter AJ Odudu has also been dubbed an icon, a legend, and a mother for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s Best’s irrefutably good looks that have kept the gays tuned in to the eviction live shows and sister show Big Brother: Late and Live, which he also co-hosts.

It appears he knows what he’s been doing to the LGBTQ+ audience, too, as he’s shared a pretty large selection of selfies and photos of himself on social media since the series began.


Its Friday, we’re going live and its a double eviction! See you there #BBUK #EvictionNight

♬ original sound – mememosa

There’s even been one or two shirtless videos, which have immediately sent gay Twitter into overdrive.

There has been a seemingly limitless supply of thirsty posts on social media, with one person even going as far as to declare: “Will Best is the most attractive man in England.”

In last night’s episode (16 November), some of the housemates were offered the chance to enjoy “seven minutes of heaven” in a private room with treats including sushi. 

In response, one person questioned: “What if my personal heaven was Will Best naked in the task room… what then Big Brother?”

In another short and sweet declaration, a third fan stated: “Will Best is just so fit.”

My 7 minutes of heaven would just be 7 minutes with Will Best to be fair I think that’s the universal gay 7 minutes of heaven #BBUK

— Rhys (@RhysAddison) November 16, 2023

will best looking so “clucking” sexy tonight huh

— el (@VERYSOFTCORE) November 10, 2023

Will Best in glasses #BBLL #BBUK

— Jack Benji (@KindOfABaldwin) November 13, 2023

Will Best is Daddy

— Fakelover110 (@Fakelover110) November 8, 2023

will best looks hot in his pink jumper #BBUK

— yinrun is the baddest x (@heyfuglies) November 16, 2023


— RED_ABYSS (@RED_ABYSS__) November 10, 2023

Will Best is SO hot.

— Celeb Lover (@CelebWanker) November 16, 2023

will best, that’s the tweet x #BBUK

— (@JackHethering20) November 10, 2023

The penultimate episode last night saw gay geriatric doctor Matty given the boot in a shock backdoor elimination, leaving just five housemates to compete for the £100,000 prize.

It’s gay Tory Henry, queer lawyer Jordan, dancer Olivia, meme icon Yinrun, and former Miss Universe Noky fighting it out for the win, meaning it’s the first time in Big Brother history that a final hasn’t had a straight man in it.

Currently, the odds are suggesting that Jordan will take the win, with Olivia coming up in second place.

The Big Brother final airs on ITVX and ITV2 at 9pm, 17 November.

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