Andrew Scott says being gay is the ‘greatest joy’ of his life

Olivier Award-winning actor Andrew Scott has said there is no greater joy in his life than being gay.

Speaking to Variety about his role in Netflix series Ripley, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novels, the star repeated his claim that “openly gay” is an outdated term.

“It’s wonderful to be able to talk about sexuality in an open way,” he said, “but I do feel sometimes, other people – I mean straight people – don’t have to explain or talk about their sexuality every time they go to work.”

He explained that the term “openly gay” is “a little loaded”, adding: “The idea that I’m being defiant by just being exactly who I am… why wouldn’t you be open about it?”

Andrew Scott. (Getty)

Speaking about the media stories surrounding his most recent films, including moving gay drama All Of Us Strangers, he went on to say: “Sometimes I find it hard when you’re doing press, because I feel so joyful and so emancipated. It seems like I always want to talk about the difficulties I have with being gay, when, actually, it’s the greatest joy of my life.

“What is the best thing that we could do? I don’t have the definite answer. Would it be unusual for us not to mention my sexuality at all?”

The Pride and Sherlock star also spoke about his latest role, saying he didn’t want to define Tom Ripley’s sexuality too much, adding that it doesn’t seem “truthful” to stick rigidly to creating gay content for gay audiences.

“I didn’t want to diagnose him with anything in particular. I don’t think he would be comfortable in a gay bar or a straight bar. I think his sexuality is elusive to him.”

Andrew Scott stars as the amoral conman and killer in Netflix’s Ripley. (Netflix/X)

He added: “A lot of this stuff has really affected me growing up. I didn’t have a lot of gay content.

“We live in an identity-politics era. We’re separating [one another] more than we need to. This hysteria about your sexuality and how that is something that is only understandable to people who belong to the same tribe as you, it just doesn’t seem truthful.”  

Scott, who played the “hot priest” in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, said that “of course” he’d return to the role if she was to make a third season. “But she’s not going to,” he added.

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