And Just Like That fans are all saying the same thing after Che Diaz publicly humiliates Miranda

And Just Like That … fans are reeling and raging after the show’s most controversial character, Che Diaz, publicly humiliated their ex-girlfriend, Miranda Hobbes.

And just like that, Che Diaz has upped their effort to become the most hated fictional character in TV history.

When Sex and the City rebooted back in 2021 as And Just Like That, it came with a promise to patch up the show’s terrible record when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. (Every queer person remembers wincing when Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, claimed in the original series that she wasn’t “even sure bisexuality exists”.)

Sadly for fans, that representation came in the form of brand new, non-binary character Che Diaz, played by non-binary actor Sara Ramirez. While we’re always here for a bit of non-binary representation on TV, Che instantly became one of the show’s most disliked characters ever

There’s the terrible, terrible stand-up comedy career, their harrowing attempt at launching a podcast, and their insistence at referring to themselves via their full name constantly: “Hey, it’s Che Diaz!”

It’s so awesome how Che Diaz is just truly horrible at stand up

— bitsy von muffling (@DoctorPissPants) August 17, 2023

Why is Che Diaz still a main character

— (@LLTVLLTV) August 10, 2023

“hey its che diaz!”

— danny (@heaven_toniight) January 3, 2022

“Hey, it’s Che Diaz”

— Rose Dommu (@rosedommu) January 3, 2022

This is also how I react to Che Diaz’s comedy

— chris ☻ (@XberniebroX420) August 18, 2023

Is there anything less funny than Che Diaz’s standup

— Elle Hunt (@elle_hunt) August 17, 2023

I need to know if there is anyone on this app that actually likes the Che Diaz character. I need to know why this is happening.

— Olivia Benson’s Bus (@jkeds) August 18, 2023

Not even a relationship with fan favourite Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) could save the character from the collective fury of the internet, as fans demanded that the character was axed for season two.

Yet, showrunner Michael Patrick King doubled down on the character, promising that season two, which is currently airing on HBO Max, would include “more, not less” of Che Diaz.

Well, that decision has certainly got people talking following the most recent episode of And Just Like That …, episode 10, which aired yesterday (17 August).

Following their split earlier on in the series, Miranda had somewhat ghosted Che, with Carrie and Nya (Karen Pittman) scolding her for being the person who always “throws away her exes”.

In an attempt to reverse that unfortunate trend, Miranda plucked up the courage to attend one of Che’s hilarious comedy shows in Brooklyn. She didn’t quite anticipate what she was walking into, though, as Che proceeded to launch into a two-minute tirade at Miranda’s expense.

Can we officially be done with Che Diaz now? #AndJustLikeThat

— SHEA FROM THE BAY (@SheaFromTheBay) August 17, 2023

“The first time we had sex, it took forever. She kept waiting for my clit to get hard,” Che sniped, mocking Miranda for only ever having one queer relationship

“My lady was very confused … she was confused about everything, and I was confused about why I was f***ing her.”

Miranda stormed out of the comedy club, only to be spotted by Che, and the pair had a heated argument outside.

Fans have reacted with rage and scorn at the scene, demanding that that “truly horrible” Che Diaz be “tried at the Hague” for their crimes.

“What Che does to Miranda today on And Just Like That … is truly one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen a fictional character do to another,” one fan exclaimed.

Che Diaz should be tried at The Hague

— noah strike (@noah_strike) August 18, 2023

Fuuuck what And Just Like That did to Miranda. First she breaks up with Steve like she’s unsubscribing from an email, then she chases Che Diaz, a narcissistic “comedian” with no boundaries who dumps HER, then we have to watch Che maliciously tear her apart on stage? FOR WHAT?!??

— Lane Moore (@hellolanemoore) August 17, 2023

Where Che Diaz belongs

— Dorinda Medley Updates (@SiobhanFuller7) August 18, 2023

Che Diaz conveniently leaving out of their act that they were the married one who brought THEIR husband in to bed with their new lover Miranda and ambushed her with a threesome. If Che knew Miranda wasn’t fully confident in her sexuality yet, why do this? #AndJustLikeThat

— Lisa (@LKJMCA) August 18, 2023

che diaz in this new #AndJustLikeThat episode

— jenny (@fairyhosk) August 18, 2023

Ok but literally what is the point of all the one dimensional side characters on And Just Like That? Also why are we still stuck dealing with Che Diaz! Come on writers, give us nothing!

— Lacie Krinklehole (@Squidwardsnose8) August 18, 2023

Fans aren’t only furious with Che, either. There appears to be a lot of upset with Carrie, who continued to demand that both Miranda and Che appear at a “Last Supper” dinner party she was throwing as she bid farewell to her apartment.

“How Carrie could even want to be friends with Che after that literal s**t show is beyond me,” one fan shared on social media.

“Carrie should’ve stood up to Che about Miranda the way Charlotte yelled at Big when he stood her up at the altar,” another declared.

Carrie sucks because jokes or not, I woulda stormed that stage behind mine. Knocked Che Diaz the fuck OWT. Just off GP. Cuz you knew i was coming and ain’t tell me the whole set was bout my homegirl? #AJLT

— Nick Fury (@WritingTheWrong) August 18, 2023

Maybe uninvite the person who trash talked your best friend, and no that’s not high school, it’s being considerate to the person who’s always been there for you. How Carrie could even want to be friends with Che after that literal shit show is beyond me #AndJustLikeThat #AJLT

— Kate (@MsInmadcity) August 17, 2023

Carrie should’ve stood up to Che about Miranda the way Charlotte yelled at Big when he stood her up at the altar.#AJLT #SATC #AndJustLikeThat

— All Wild All Flower (@Tzynya) August 18, 2023

The And Just Like That … season two finale, which will feature cameos from non-binary pop icon Sam Smith and former Sex and the City legend Kim Cattrall, airs next week (24 August) on HBO Max.

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