20,000 people march for trans rights and liberation at Trans Pride Brighton

Trans Pride Brighton saw its largest turnout ever on Saturday (16 July), with around 20,000 protesters marching for trans liberation.

Trans Pride Brighton, the first and largest trans Pride event outside of the US, has been running since 2013. This year, it finally returned in person, after two years of digital events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protesters gathered at LGBTQ+ community centre The Ledward Centre, before marching along the seafront.

The march has reached the seaside #TransPrideBrighton pic.twitter.com/zhFPrswQ8E

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

Sarah Savage, CEO of Trans Pride Brighton, reported that around 20,000 protesters took part, the event’s largest-ever turn-out.

She told Brighton newspaper The Argus: “Trans Pride is about community, finding friends and connecting with family – and that can only be better in person.”

OK so the police just estimated 20,000 people at #TransPrideBrighton omg!!!!! pic.twitter.com/sM6paVamSY

— Sarah Savage (@OhSarahSavage) July 16, 2022

It doesn’t end! #TransPrideBrighton #TransRightsAreHumanRights pic.twitter.com/XxMq6T9SvT

— Cute, in a stupid ass way (@DeezyPuzzles) July 16, 2022

Protesters chanted and held placards emblazoned with messages calling for trans inclusion in sport, and comprehensive UK conversion therapy ban, and reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

Trans women belong in sport #TransPrideBrighton pic.twitter.com/4ADpe2RZQS

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

#TransPrideBrighton pic.twitter.com/jZgc3KSjfV

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

“I just think it would be really neat if you could spend more time worrying about climate change and less time worrying about what’s in my knickers,” read one sign.

Artist Az Franco, who attended the event, told PinkNews: “Trans Pride is the best day of the year for me, because I feel like I’m seen and valued more than any other time of the year.

“Being around people who have the same views as me and are like-minded and are also trans is the most invigoratingly exciting thing in the world. Trans Pride Brighton especially is really intimate and small, and it really gives you chances to speak to people and get to know people.”

“Being around people who have the same views as me & like-minded & trans is the most invigorating exciting thing in the world & Brighton pride especially is really intimate & small & it really gives you chances to speak to people & get to know people,” said @youcancallme_az pic.twitter.com/oAXpYXnm8r

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

“You will be found” – @rainbowchorus at #TransPrideBrighton pic.twitter.com/dMrpEk8iGE

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

The Youtuber couple Jamie Raines and Shaaba Lotun were at #TransPrideBrighton : “It’s definitely one of my favourite prides. It’s the place where, I like, get the most feels & I think it’s just so important to see people being able to be themselves from such an open environment.” pic.twitter.com/IfO6cApg1q

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

“T is for losing touch, T is for losing love, T is for losing you in ways that make me feel sad even now, T is for trying to find you, T is for finding you over and over and over again,” beautiful words said by the poet, Sumptions at #TransPrideBrighton pic.twitter.com/Sgzd2oGRfh

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) July 16, 2022

The march finished at Brunswick Gardens for a party featuring a host of talented poets, musicians and performers and headlined by Travis Alabanza, who said at the event: “Right now the transgender community are facing such extortionate and unnecessary targeting, so days when we come together to protest and celebrate ourselves are needed.”

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