10 of the best companies for trans people to work for

Netflix, Amazon and Starbucks are just a few of the most inclusive companies that support trans and non-binary employees, customers and communities.

For trans and non-binary individuals, finding an employer that not only accepts but actively supports their identities is crucial for a fulfilling and successful career. As the rights of the trans community continue to be vilified and targeted by politicians in the UK and USA and legacy media outlets still insist on painting the trans experience with a broad brush, it’s never been more important for companies to step up to support their trans colleagues and customers.

From comprehensive transgender healthcare benefits to proactive policies that foster a culture of acceptance, these organizations are leading the charge in creating environments where every employee can thrive authentically.

PinkNews has gone through the list for you to shine a spotlight on some companies that are truly supporting their trans and non-binary colleagues, customers and communities. No company is completely perfect when it comes to total inclusion. So when looking for a new role, make sure to research in more detail their policies and purpose.

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