Yvie Oddly spills tea on ‘grievances’ from unaired All Stars 7 reunion

Drag Race champion Yvie Oddly has spilled the tea on an unaired reunion filmed by the queens of All Stars 7, hinting at its explosive nature.

The first-ever non-elimination season of All Stars contained gag after gag, lip-snc after lip-sync and stunning runway after stunning runway, before ending with Jinkx Monsoon being crowned Queen of All Queens, in 2022.

Despite the warm reception by fans, it appears that not every cast member of the eight-queen-strong gathering was happy with the edit that made it to air.

The latest to join that list, which already includes Monét X Change, who insisted that she “murdered” the final lip-sync in the competition against Jinkx, is season 11 winner Yvie.

Appearing on the Drag Tea Interviews with Matt YouTube channel, she revealed that a reunion for All Stars 7 was filmed so the cast could air their grievances, and, Yvie said, new Doctor Who star Jinkx agreed with their complaints.

The cast of Drag Race All Stars 7. (Paramount Plus)

“It exists, it’s true,” Yvie confirmed, before adding that Bob the Drag Queen hosted the affair.

“When Bob the Drag Queen dies, the FBI will hack her computer, and they will post the unaired All Stars 7 reunion”, she explained, adding that it saw many queens share “grievances” with how they were portrayed compared to eventual winner Jinx.

“And we get affirmation from the one person it would have mattered [to, Jinkx], and none of that will ever matter, because it doesn’t exist. Until Bob dies.”

Yvie added that the reunion wasn’t filmed in association with Drag Race production company World of Wonder, which is partly the reason it has allegedly been blocked from the air waves.

“We did it on our own, because, you know, who’d have guessed, but a bunch of winners secretly had more things to say about the season than was ever shown… I know I would have been the star of the reunion,” she said, before hinting at the contents of the discussion.

“The only nugget I can give anyone that will give any sort of context anywhere, is Jinkx Monsoon agreed with us.

“Can you imagine the impact of Jinkx coming out and saying: ‘I agree with you’, in a reunion about all these people who otherwise could be edited as jealous [b*tches] just trying to tear her down? That would have been impactful…”

Yvie Oddly has spoken about what happened at an unaired All Stars 7 reunion (Twitter)

Following her run on All Stars 7, Yvie spoke out about feeling “lobotomised” by the edit of the show, and described her time as “gruesome from start to finish”.

At the time, she said: “Going back, I learned a lot about myself, as I was forced to question whether or not I fit into this specific world, even as a winner.

“But, instead of showing of that struggle or really any reason for me to be there, I’ve been lobotomised and presented as some big-d**ked mascot, bravely laughing through my chronic illness, happy to be along for the ride.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 is available to stream on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus in the UK and internationally. 

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