Young woman brutally beaten by thugs while defending friend from heinous homophobic abuse

A London woman was brutally assaulted and left “barely” able to breathe because of an injury she sustained while defending her friend from homophobic abuse.

The victim, an unnamed 20-year-old, told MyLondon that she was taken to hospital following a vicious attack by three men in Blondin Park in the London borough of Ealing on 10 July. She suffered a swollen lip and a broken nose.

MyLondon reported the friend, who also was unnamed in the article, uploaded a video onto TikTok to explain what happened during the horrific encounter. The friend described how they were walking in the park with the victim when a young man sitting on a bench started hurling homophobic abuse towards them.

“I ignored it and walked past, and my friend wasn’t gonna have it,” they said.

They continued: “My friend turned around and said, ‘No!’ She put him in his place and said, ‘F**king stop being homophobic and keep it to yourself.’”

According to MyLondon, the men continued, and one person from the group got up from the bench and started attacking the victim. The friend described how he “ran at her, grabbed her by her hair, kicked her and punched her in the face so hard that he broke her nose”.

The victim’s friend said the attack left the woman’s nose “so crooked she can barely breathe” and that she had “blood clots coming out of her nose” because “she was bleeding so much”.

“He hit her with such force she was disorientated on the floor,” the friend said. “She could have knocked her head and died. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the homophobic attack to come forward

MyLondon reported the attacker was described as an “Asian male with dark, curly hair with a patchy beard under his chin”. He was “wearing a dark/black jacket, blue trousers and black trainers”. The man also sprayed the victim with water before he left down Blondin Avenue.

Another suspect was described as a “white male with ginger hair” and was wearing “grey jeans, dark coat and red, white and dark colour Nike Air Jordans”. This suspect rode a scooter.

According to MyLondon, the third suspect was described as an “Asian male wearing a dark jacket and dark trousers”.

Anyone with information regarding the attack to come forward by contacting 101 or tweeting Met CC quoting CAD5402/10July. People can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at