Young Royals season three gets first-look images as fans brace for series end

Netflix has released first-look images for season three of Young Royals, which marks the final outing for the queer teen Swedish language drama.

Upcoming episodes will see Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and Simon Eriksson’s (Omar Rudberg) love story to come to a close after Netflix confirmed in 2022 that season three would be Young Royals‘ last.

Since last year, the streaming service has been teasing what’s in store for the young couple, but the first-look images reveal that there’s a lot more to come than fans were anticipating.

Season two ended with Simon splitting with his boyfriend Marcus (Tommy Wättring) and admitting his love for Wilhelm. Meanwhile, Wilhelm’s royal family went to great lengths to ensure that it wasn’t revealed that Wilhelm was in a leaked sex tape, which also featured Simon.

As anticipation for season three grows ahead of its release in March, Netflix has shared eight photos from some soon-to-be-iconic upcoming scenes.

One photo appears to tease complications on the road towards Wilhelm and Simon’s happy ending, with Wilhelm pictured looking concerned and downcast.

Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm in Young Royals season three. (Netflix)

Another image, however, depicts him embracing Simon at a party, while a third shows them enjoying a relaxing swim together. 

Simon Eriksson and Omar Rudberg in Young Royals season three. (Netflix)

One photo shows Malte Gårdinger, who plays Wilhelm’s cousin August, sitting alone in a bedroom, while another depicts Frida Argento, who plays Simon’s sister Sara, looking miserable.

Frida Argento as Sara in Young Royals season three (Netflix)

The images have sent waves of excitement through the Young Royals fandom, while still leaving a lot of room for speculation about how season three will go down.


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— eclete || (@irnyatko) January 10, 2024

Meeting the parents, smiling together in public they’re going to make us happy then rip our heart out aren’t they

— ♡ (@intoxidolans) January 10, 2024

this is the most I’ve seen wille smile in 2 seasons WE ARE GETTING OUR HAPPY ENDING

— sha (@spidey_barnes) January 10, 2024

Oh im going insane

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Young Royals season three will stream on Netflix in the spring.

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