You can protect yourself wherever you go with this personal safety alarm

Angela is the personal safety alarm that’s helping people feel safe and be heard.

The device is discreet and can be easily attached to your keys, bag and purse so you can use it at any moment.

It’s fitted with a loud 130db alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack.

The safety alarm from can be used by all ages and genders to protect themselves from assault.

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They say: “Our mission is to equip women with personal safety tools that are stealthy and stylish, so they can feel safer wherever they go.

“Nobody deserves to feel they are going ‘over-the-top’ to feel safe, and with us, you won’t.”

They add that they want to “ensure no woman feels helpless” and to “put an end to sexual assault“.


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One customer said bought Angela for their daughter, saying :”She’s at the age where she’s pushing to walk home from school on her own, and it gives me a peace of mind, that Angela could help deter an attacker.”

Another added that the alarm “makes me feel safer and more confident.”

You can find out more about how Angela, the personal safety alarm, works below.

Who do you need it?

They say that “Angela is the alarm we hope you never have to use”, but it “enables you to have peace of mind when, out for a walk, across a dark car-park or simply feeling unsafe”.

It’s easy to use from children to grandparents, so that everyone of every age can feel safe and its easy to carry around as it’s slightly bigger than a pack of gum – so it fits in all pockets.

The device is also non-violent, so you can scare away strangers without confrontation.

How does it work?


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If you’re feeling uncomfortable or unsafe you can activate Angela to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you.

Pull the top to start the loud siren and flashing strobe light – it features a 130db alarm and 200-lumen flashing light.

When you feel safe just reinsert the top to deactivate the alarm, plus it has more than 45 minutes of continued use so it won’t stop quickly if you need it for a length of time.

They’re available as single alarms, a sister pack with three or a girls pack with five. To find out more and to purchase the personal safety alarm, head to


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