X-Men ’97 writer confirms fan-favourite character is queer – and in love with Wolverine

Fired X-Men ’97 writer Beau DeMayo has confirmed that the character of Morph is queer – and in love with Wolverine – following season one’s finale.

Warning: X-Men ’97 finale spoilers ahead

The first season of X-Men ’97 – the critically acclaimed animated revival of X-Men: The Animated Series – has come to an end after ten spectacular episodes featuring everyone’s favourite merry band of mutants.

With season two already confirmed, the three-part finale ‘Tolerance is Extinction’ has set up more than a few cliffhangers and teases, leaving fans with many questions over the fate of various X-Men – but, as former showrunner Beau DeMayo has confirmed, the last episode also answered a burning question for queer fans.

Following on from a suspiciously intimate shower scene between the perpetually-angry Wolverine and shapeshifter Morph in episode three of the season, fans have been convinced that there’s more than meets the eye with the pair’s relationship.

X-Men ’97’s Morph has been confirmed to have ‘confessed romantic feelings’ for Wolverine in the season one finale. (Disney/ Marvel)

Smash cut to episode 10, and Wolverine/ Logan is recovering in a medical facility having had his adamantium skeleton forcibly removed from his body by Magneto at the tail end of episode 9.

As Wolverine edges closer to the big X-Kennel in the sky, Morph is there by his side; at one point, he leans over, shapeshifting into Wolverine’s long-time romantic interest Jean Grey, and says: “I love you Logan, stay with me.”

Morph transforming into Jean and telling Wolverine “I love you Logan, stay with me” is some sick work from Marvel #XMen97 pic.twitter.com/wWJIQmaCqE

— Zero (@zerowontmiss) May 15, 2024

Is Morph queer in X-Men ’97?

Writer Beau DeMayo, who exited the series just days before its premiere under unknown circumstances, has since confirmed that this scene was not simply Morph helping Logan as a pal – this was Morph’s way of “confessing romantic feelings for Logan.”

Yes, Morph was confessing romantic feelings for Logan #xmen97

— Beau DeMayo (@BeauDemayo) May 16, 2024

One fan replied to the post, writing: “I did wonder this when they said it. I thought ‘be a bit creepy if there wasn’t something else underneath it.’ This explains it all so well and is even more tragic that Morph had to hide behind the lore preferred option for Logan to confess their feelings to him. Excellent work.”

DeMayo in turn replied to this comment, adding: “Bingo… Morph is still living in 1997.”

Bingo #xmen97

Morph is still living in 1997 https://t.co/mDDP8YUpmf

— Beau DeMayo (@BeauDemayo) May 16, 2024

While the admission may not come as a shock to many viewers given that Morph is a non-binary humanoid able to, well, morph into anyone of any gender, the confirmation that they are queer in X-Men ’97 has been well received by fans.

“Pining after a straight man never ends well. Poor morph,” one wrote, to which DeMayo, who is queer, replied: “Yep. Never. But we’ve all been there.”

Another added: “Thank you so much for confirming this” and a third commented: “But the straights were like ‘It’s brotherly love.’ Yet my gay self knew.”

#XMen97 pic.twitter.com/aMVpRLTAbz

— Beau DeMayo (@BeauDemayo) May 16, 2024

Morph and Logan better be fuckin in season 2 #xmen97

— (@Psyloc_) May 15, 2024

morph is so in love w logan it’s embarrassing I need them to get married next season pic.twitter.com/NgU5ooFw48

— moe (@heartboolove) May 15, 2024

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