What are moon and sun lesbians on TikTok? Everything you need to know about the LGBTQ+ terms

On the internet, there are plenty of words and phrases that are being bandied about to refer to certain personality traits – and people’s sexuality.

It can get complicated, and many are hearing these words with no idea what they could possibly signify.

That’s where we come in. So in today’s latest offering, here is a full explanation for what the terms “moon” and “sun” lesbian mean.

There are several meanings assigned to moon or sun lesbians. Some say being a moon lesbian is used interchangeably for closeted lesbians, others say it’s for femme lesbians, others say it means lesbians who possess lunar energy (because the moon is also, of course, a lesbian).

There are even pride flags that have been created for moon and sun lesbians, which are slight variations on the original lesbian pride flag.

The sun lesbian flag has seven stripes ranging from a brick red strip at the bottom to orange and white in the middle and a pinkish, dark salmon colour at the top.

The moon lesbian flag also has seven stripes but with a darker colour scheme, ranging from dark purple at the top to white and lilac in the middle, and a dark magenta colour at the bottom.

On TikTok, many say that moon and sun lesbians are simply a label to refer to their different personalities – like being a golden retriever lesbian vs. a black cat lesbian.

Someone who is a golden retriever lesbian or a sun lesbian might have a sunny disposition and be very optimistic and happy about life, wearing their heart on their sleeve, whereas a black cat lesbian or a moon lesbian is less chatty, happier in their own company, and considered to be sexy and mysterious.

So in short, a moon lesbian is a more mysterious, introverted lesbian: a bit of a night owl, while a sun lesbian is a positive, active, outgoing lesbian… the kind of person who probably makes her whole friend group go hiking.

Generally though, identifying as a moon or sun lesbian is simply an aesthetic descriptor that doesn’t have a specific meaning – it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

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What are moon and sun lesbians?

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