Violet Chachki addresses Fashion Photo Ruview backlash: ‘I don’t know what happened’

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki has addressed the criticism she received after hosting a season of spin-off show Fashion Photo Ruview.

The spin-off has long been hosted by season three champ Raja alongside various co-hosts, and features the lewks of each episode of Drag Race being ru-viewed, and either “tooted” or “booted”.

When All Stars 7 rolled around, Raja was busy competing, so in stepped season seven queen Violet, and All Stars 9 competitor Gottmik.

The only problem was, Violet’s critiques were, shall we say, a little harsh when it came to the runways of the All Stars 7 cast. Although she has spoken about the backlash before, while appearing on Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ YouTube channel, she has once again addressed the situation.

“I really don’t know what happened, that’s the f*cked up part,” she said in the video with the season 15 finalist, which is titled ‘Shredding RuPaul’s Fashion Over The Years with Violet Chachki’.

“To me, outfits are so unserious,” she went on to say. “I do take drag very seriously but, at the end of the day, girl, it’s clothes. It’s the most unserious thing ever. It’s just silly.”

Her no-nonsense attitude is a result of her drag upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, she explained.

“In Atlanta, the girls… when I would stand on stage, they’d be like: ‘Your d*ck is out, your tights are ripped, this is wrong, that’s wrong, you’re ugly, you’re fat. That’s the school of drag I come from.”

Violet is no stranger to sharing her opinions. She recently told French publication Agence France-Presse: “I went to a Catholic school, so was always told I [had] to wear a uniform, and ‘you can’t wear’ this or that. Drag was always rebellious, always punk, but Drag Race has changed that.

“When I started drag 12 years ago, it was really underground. It was not a career you would want. There are maybe too many drag queens at this point. Now it’s become a career path, it’s become over-saturated and homogenised.”

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