Trans activist Charlie Craggs threatened to be ‘beaten up’ minutes after giving an educative talk

Trans activist Charlie Craggs has said she was threatened to be “beaten up” just minutes after delivering an educative speech on transphobia. 

Craggs, a prominent figure in the UK trans community, took to her Instagram Story on 1 May to share her experience of leaving a workplace event – where she spoke on the state of affairs that trans and non-binary folk are currently facing in the UK – before being approached by a group of young men who allegedly hurled physical threats and transphobia at her.

“The irony that I did a (really good) talk about how s**t it is being trans in the UK right now at GOOGLE and within LESS THAN 5 MINS of leaving the building I had a group of roadmen come over to me while I was standing alone waiting for my friend to ask me if I was a man and threaten to beat me up…”

She continued, noting that the undoubtedly terrifying experience occurred on the same day as the Conservative announcement to ban trans women from women’s hospital wards in England under new government plans

“The same day that the Tories announce they will segregate trans people in hospital wards because we’re such a threat you know guys. We’re the ones threatening to beat you lot up for being Cis,” she said following her speech.

The author then posted the full video on her Instagram feed and wrote in the caption: “Thank you to this man for proving why you need to book me to talk at your event/workplace/uni.”

Speaking out since the alleged incident, Craggs said she was “used to stuff like that happening”, but is worried that these instances – which she often speaks out on and rightly holds the perpetrators accountable – are impacting her workflow. 

“I’m just not getting gigs the way I was, partly because the brands are like, ‘Oh she’s a bit clap-backy’… But I have to be clap-backy because it’s all day, every f**king day,” she explained.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of hate crime, call Galop on 0800 999 5428 Monday to Thursday 10 am-8 pm and on Friday 10 am-4pm or email any time. In an emergency, always call 999.

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