Ted Lasso’s Jodi Balfour and Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson are married

Congratulations are in order! Jodi Balfour and Abbi Jacobson were married in a Brooklyn, New York wedding of “total togetherness”. 

The Ted Lasso and Broad City stars, respectively, took to Instagram on 6 June via a joint post with Cultured Magazine to show an insight into their wedding, where they shared pictures of their nuptials.

Balfour and Jacobson’s wedding took place three years after their first date, the outlet reported. At their wedding, they shared their first dance to Aretha Franklin’s “Don’t Let Me Lose This Dream.”

Jacobson told the magazine about their plans for an outdoor wedding ceremony, followed by al fresco dining, but this had to be changed last minute due to the weather. 

Jacobson said: “It was such kismet, because the ceremony was not what we expected, but it was exactly what we’d hoped for. People were packed together. When we looked out at the audience, our friends were on stools, peeking through the plants, and sitting on top of the booths. I’ve never been to a wedding like that.”

Balfour added: “Because of the rain, our outdoor seated dinner became an indoor buffet. I remember calling Emma, the chef, on the brink of tears about the idea of a goddamn buffet. We had been planning the seated dinner for months. Emma said, ‘It’s going to be beautiful. There will be no bunsen burners.’”

Where did Jodi Balfour and Abbi Jacobson meet?

Newlyweds Jodi Balfour and Abbi Jacobson met in 2020 like many other couples during the peak of the pandemic; virtually. 

“Meeting Abbi felt like the pinnacle of a long-overdue step in my own evolution,” South African actor Balfour said. “I had a very complex theory about my own relationship to romance. Then I saw Abbi standing just outside her front door and I thought, ‘Oh, I love this person. Cool.’”

The pair announced their engagement in 2022, with the pair both casually sporting engagement rings for the first time on the red carpet at the premiere of Jacobson’s A League of their Own series.

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