Sex toy company to hire ‘senior citizen sexperts’ to provide advice for older folk in the bedroom

An adult toy company is set to hire “senior citizen experts” to provide advice for older folk in the bedroom. 

It’s 2024, and we’d like to think that most people have got the memo that pleasure is for everybody, no matter your gender, sexual orientation, disability, or otherwise. Yet, some people seem to forget that sex is also an important part of older people’s relationships

To combat this, sex toy brand Lovehoney has announced its plans to search for a group of “senior citizen experts” – playfully dubbed the Queen Bees – to join its panel of sex and relationships advisors.

The brand hopes to change the conversation on sex for older people, who are all too often forgotten about in sex-positive messaging. This leaves older people questioning intimacy as they enter their golden years. 

In fact, conversations on ageism and visibility have rightly come to light in recent moments. With icons like Kylie Minogue and Madonna speaking out on enduring age-related discrimination. 

News flash: Sex toys are for everyone – even older folk. (Getty)

Despite Lovehoney discovering that women and those with uteruses aged 65 and above report their libido to be on average 1.3 times lower than those in all age groups, two-thirds of those over 65 have either used a sex toy with a partner or would like to try using one. 

So, it’s proven that older folk still have a desire to keep the flame alive, just like anyone else.

Those who are “passionate about sexual wellness and eager to reshape the world’s view on intimacy later in life”, and have “a zest for life and a desire to help others embrace their sexuality” have been encouraged to apply for the role as a Lovehoney “senior citizen expert”.

The role will entail “dismantling the stigmas surrounding sex during the golden years”.

The job description continues: “Whether it’s addressing changes in libido or discussing body confidence whilst navigating body changes, these experts will be the go-to guides for enjoying a fulfilling sex life at any stage. 

“Leading the charge in this important conversation, the Queen Bees will share their tips, tricks, and wisdom to help everyone from novices to seasoned lovers navigate the nuances of sex later in life.”

Annabelle Knight, one of the brand’s current Sexual and Relationship Experts said via a press release: “We want everyone to feel empowered about their sex life, no matter their age. Our Queen Bees will be here to ensure that sexual well-being remains an open conversation for everyone and a celebrated part of overall health at every stage of life. 

“We also want to break down the taboo surrounding the idea of older people having sex and open up the topic so everyone can ask what’s really on their mind – whether that’s how often older people have sex to the ins and outs of sexual attraction later in life!”

You can apply to join the Lovehoney team here

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