Selling Sunset’s Chrishell slams co-star after homophobia accusations: ‘Don’t go after my partner. Ever.’

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause took no prisoners at the season seven reunion after her co-star Nicole Young was accused of “co-signing” homophobia from trolls.

All season long, Stause has struck down anyone who has anything to say about her relationship with non-binary musician G Flip, and has been quick to correct anyone who might misgender them.

Everything came to a head at this week’s season seven reunion when Stause addressed rifts that she has had with co-stars Nicole Young and Marie-Lou Nurk.

Chrishell Stause was all too eager to put her castmates in their place and shut down any homophobia at the season seven Selling Sunset reunion. (Netflix)

Firstly, Stause came for Young’s neck and accused her co-star of being homophobic for responding to a hate-fuelled comment about Stause online.

That comment, posted to Young’s Instagram by a fan, had read: “I was hoping the lesbian chick was off in Australia this season and not on our screen. Whatever her name is, I forgot. Nicole, you look great!.”

The conflict came, not from the random troll comment, but from Young’s decision to reply, “Thank you!!” to that comment, rather than countless others that complimented her without dragging Stause and G Flip.

When asked about the comment, Young told reunion host Tan France that she didn’t think it was “homophobic” to refer to a queer person as a “gay man” or a “lesbian woman.”

That’s despite her co-star Chelsea Lazkani having just told the cast: “When somebody identifies Chrishell through her sexuality in a derogatory way and then you comment back to it, you’re basically cosigning that message.”

Chrishell Stause was quick to call out Nicole Young at the Selling Sunset reunion for responding to homophobic trolls. (Netflix)

Still, Stause was happy to give Young a piece of her mind, telling the realtor: “First of all, say whatever you want about me, I’m a tough b***h. But don’t go after my partner. Ever.

“Listen, I will own it. I’ve been a b***h to you. I hate you. I own it… I don’t care that it’s not nice, I do hate you and I know you hate me.”

When Young tried to argue that she doesn’t hate anyone, Stause fired back: “If you’re gonna literally go to homophobic people and cheer them on because they hate me for that reason, that is hate, Nicole.”

Later on in the reunion, Stause came with the same energy for Mary-Lou Nurk who, earlier in the season, landed herself in hot water when she misgendered GFlip.

Nurk, who had been dating Stause’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Oppenheim, had hoped to reconcile with Stause over lunch, but the misgendering incident – accidental or not – had turned the meeting on its head.

Chrishell and Jason dated for approximately five months in 2021, during which time she met Australian singer G Flip. The couple started dating in March 2022 and tied the knot at an intimate Las Vegas ceremony in May 2023.

Speaking about the now-infamous scene at the reunion, Nurk suggested that Stause’s dislike for her stems from unresolved feelings for Oppenheim.

Chrishell Stause with partner G Flip. (Getty)

In response, Stause clarified: “I get tired of being people’s topic and punching bag on camera. Clearly it’s not a fun place to be. That’s why I got frustrated.”

She continued: “I was hoping when you did hang out with me and my partner, you would see I am completely head-over-heels in love. 

“I couldn’t possibly be more in love with my partner, and it’s very hard not to see if you’ve spent five minutes with us.”

Fans of the Netflix series can’t help but stan Stause for coming into her own, setting hard boundaries, and sticking up for herself.

Always loved Chrishell but I loved her even more this season. Shes so much more confident in herself. She stopped people pleasing and started to set boundaries. She’s also a good person, a great friend but also funny and hardworking. I stan #SellingSunset #SellingSunsetReunion

— olive wright (@maggiebreners) November 16, 2023

I felt Chrishell on her flat out telling Nicole she hated her. Let’s not fake the funk, be frenemies, or try for anything. I hate you and I don’t want to deal with you. That’s it and that’s all. #SellingSunset #SellingSunsetReunion

— L E A (@_MissLeandra) November 16, 2023

Chrishell is the queen forever. #sellingsunsetreunion

— Rebecca Turner (@turnerebecca) November 16, 2023

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