Reneé Rapp hard-launches her relationship with Towa Bird at the Oscars, and we’re obsessed

Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird have appeared to hard-launch their relationship on the Oscars red carpet, and we’re obsessed with the couple.

On 10 March, the ‘Not My Fault’ hitmaker took to the red carpet at the Vanity Fair afterparty following The Academy Awards, with the outlet alleging that it’s their “debut as a couple”. 

The pair made their debut a fashionable one, with the Mean Girls star wearing a white maxi shirt dress, while the musician rocked an embellished denim suit. 

Although neither has confirmed their relationship on social media, Rapp did appear to soft-launch their relationship on 7 March with an intimate picture of the pair on stage appearing to lean in for a kiss. The image was part of a Europe tour round-up, where Rapp wrote: “goodbye love u to the moon and back x”.

The singer came out as bisexual in 2023 but recently reaffirmed her identity as a lesbian in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, following a “hard launch” on Saturday Night Live.

She told the publication on 28 February: “I’ve only recently started referring to myself as a lesbian, and I’ve only recently been in a relationship where I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m a lesbian for sure.’

“I’m watching all these movies and parts of gay culture, specifically lesbian culture, and I’m like, ‘I love this.’ It’s also been the most rewarding, validating, scary and exciting experience ever.”

Whilst on SNL on 20 January, the actor casually dropped that she calls herself a “little lesbian intern”. An advocate for representation on screen, the star also revealed that she believed her version of Regina George in the 2024 version of Mean Girls is queer.

She explained: “To me, that was always a conversation around the [original Mean Girls] film: ‘Oh, [Regina is] like… This is coming from a queer place. Come on now. 

“That was always my interpretation of it. It might not be other people’s, and I truly don’t care. It’s mine, and that’s how I feel,” she concluded.

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