Next Steps

February, 2011

I transitioned at work on May 5th, and had my FFS on August 10th.  I am now preparing for my next step – GRS.  On November 15th I met with Dr Sherman Leis (who did my facial surgery) for a followup and discussed GRS with him then.  The next day, I flew to Montreal for a consultation with Dr. Pierre Brassard.  Finally, on January 4th I met with Dr. Christine McGinn.  After talking with all of them, I have decided to go with Dr. McGinn.  The date is August 8th, 2011.

It is a little strange…surgery seems almost anti-climactic.  I have already survived the biggest challenge – workplace transition.  I am in sales and was very worried that the company would not want me representing them.  The opposite has been true.  Since transitioning I have not only retained my job, but I have been selected to represent the company at various industry conferences.

By comparison, reassignment surgery seems simultaneously momentous and almost trivial.  Momentous because there is no denying it is a big step.  It is major surgery, and it will “complete” me is a way nothing else can.  But it essentially a private change.  Walking down the street, no one will be able to tell that I have had the surgery.  In this respect, facial surgery was far more impactful.

But I would not wish to postpone surgery.  While I don’t expect to ever really have cause to use my new genitals, being fully female, physically, is important to me.  Everything else I have done so far in my transition has been to get other to see me as I wish to be seen.  This step is one I take for myself – to be who I am, as fully and completely as possible.

So, the next countdown begins…

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