Neve Campbell returning for Scream 7 after Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega exits

Neve Campbell is officially on board for Scream 7 as Sidney Prescott, following the departure of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega from the franchise.

Campbell led the hit slasher franchise from its first instalment in 1996 – but was notably absent from 2023’s Scream VI after a dispute in pay, lending the spotlight instead to Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and the returning stars of 2022 ‘requel’ Scream, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega.

Following Barrera and Ortega’s shock departures from Scream 7 last year, the future of the beloved horror series hung in the balance – until now.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday (March 12), Campbell, 50, revealed that she was “so excited” to be back in the fold as Sidney Prescott.

“It’s always been such a blast and an honor to get to play Sidney in the Scream movies,” she wrote. “My appreciation for these films and for what they have meant to me, has never waned. I’m very happy and proud to say I’ve been asked, in the most respectful way, to bring Sidney back to the screen and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!”

The as-yet untitled Scream 7 will also, it has been revealed via the same post, be directed by Kevin Williamson – the same Kevin Williamson who wrote the very first Scream.

On the subject, Campbell added: “I’ve dreamt for many years of how amazing it would be to make one of these movies with Kevin Williamson at the helm. And now it’s happening, Kevin Williamson is going to direct Scream 7!

“This was his baby and it’s his brilliant mind that dreamt up this world. Kevin is not just an inspiration as an artist but has been a dear friend for many years.” 

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott in Scream, 1996. (Woods Entertainment)

Neve Campbell exited the Scream franchise ahead of 2023’s Scream VI due to a breakdown in pay negotiations. In a statement, the actor wrote that her offered cheque failed to “equate to the value [she] brought to the franchise”.

“As a woman, I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream,” Campbell wrote.

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega both exited the Scream franchise last year, sparking controversy in the process: Barrera was dropped by Scream production company Spyglass over comments made on social media about the ongoing Israel/Hamas conflict.

Ortega’s departure was confirmed in the days after due to scheduling issues, and original Scream 7 director Christopher Landon announced he was no longer involved with the project in December 2023, leaving its future in doubt.

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